10 Hidden Tricks to make SnapChat Better

If you are a SnapChat user, you will not always be notified by the new additions made to the app. Because of this, you might as well be relying on the old features of the app and might not have any knowledge about the new tricks you can do with your app and get additional features.

Here are some Hidden Tricks to make SnapChat Better for you.


Use Multiple Filters:

You can use two filters at once in your snaps. In order to do so, add the first filter like you normally do by swiping on the photo. To add the second filter, now press and hold on the screen and swipe using another finger. You might find it a bit tricky but a few tries will have you end up with a photo with two filters.

Secure Snapchat Account:

hidden snapchat features

You might have heard about the two step verification process. Like many other social networks, you can secure your Snapchat account as well through two-step verification. If you are one of those users who need their accounts to be extra secure and want the app to give you control over which devices you want to permit to sign into your Snapchat account, this can be helpful.

  • Firstly, go to App Settings and enable Login Verification. You will receive a security code through SMS.
  • Now, you can only log into your Snapchat account from a new device if you provide the security code.
  • If you want to change your phone number, you can also do that by going into App Settings> Login verification.

Add New Friends:

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You can now easily add new friends without having to share the contact info. If you are sitting among a group of friends and want to add them, you can simply use the nearby feature instead of giving details for easily adding them.

Go to ‘Add Friends’ and select ‘Add Nearby’. This will let you see your nearby friends logged into the nearby section as well.

Use Old Lenses:

As you know, Snapchat keeps on adding new lenses every now and then. But, if you are  by simply changing the date of your phone to the one of specific update.

Go to your phone’s Settings> General> Date&Time and disable set automatically. Now you can select the date on which the lenses were available. Once you are done using the old lenses, it is advised to set your phone back to the current date.

Change Contact’s Name:

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Snapchat allows you to edit your friends’ contact info and also lets you change their names. If you wish to give another name to any of your contact or rearrange them if you have a long list of snapchat friends, go to Menu from top left where you will find your contact’s SnapCode and Snapscore. You will also be able to edit name, block or remove the contact.

Adding Extra Text:

If you like to write longer descriptions and Snap texts, you can take advantage of apps like Notes to do so. This is simple; add a longer blank text on the Notes. Then copy it from Notes and paste into the Snap. To add Text, you will have to manually move the cursor in the snaptext.

Save Data:

hidden snapchat features

Snapchat has an added feature that saves data and battery life for you. You no longer have to worry about your phone’s battery life sucked by the app. Simply switching on the ‘Travel Mode’ will conserve battery by disabling download automatically feature for received stories and videos.

  • To switch to Travel Mode, go to App Settings> Additional Services> Manage.

Camera Night Mode:

hidden snapchat features

If you want to take photos in low lights or at night time, you can use the Camera night mode feature for better photos. The Night Mode is represented by the Moon near the Flash icon. You can also use the same Night Mode feature in any kind of light for better results. Simply cover the Camera lens with a dark object to activate the Night Mode.

Change Emojis in Friend List:

hidden snapchat features

If you are looking for a way to change Emoji in Friend list or miss the Best Friend feature, you can have just as much fun with the new Friend Emoji feature. You can assign Emoji and also know their descriptions by going to App Settings> Additional Services> Friend Emojis.

Stay Tuned for more Hidden SnapChat features:

Add Color and Play with Emojis:

There are a number of different ways to use Emojis to bring life to your Snaps. Besides adding Emojis to your Snap Text or in the corner, use them in creative ways. You can add an extra filter to your snaps by zooming in the Emoji by stretching it with two fingers till it fits the size of the screens or fully covers the frame. There a lot of other ways to use Emojis that you can find in various YouTube video tutorials.

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