7 Best Snapchat Clients for Android Devices

Snapchat is a famous and popular messaging app that allows you to send snaps, photos or videos to your friends and followers for a limited period of time and then disappear. Although the app is great and hugely popular, the app has its limitations. Users are not able to save a snap or forward a received snap to other friends. However, if you are looking for alternative clients, here are the 7 Best Snapchat clients for Android devices that offer some more features and ways to use the app otherwise not possible.

Snapchat Clients for Android

7 Best Snapchat clients for Android:



Casper is an alternative Snapchat client that offers a number of features for your Snapchat app. The app lets you save snaps silently without letting the other person know that you have saved their snap. You can also send received snaps or even share them from your phone’s gallery. Besides snap forwarding and saving options, you also get to play with different background filters, slide filters and also add stickers and emoticons to your snaps.



If you are looking for a way to save all the snaps that you get, SnapBox is another brilliantly designed app that let’s you save every snap you receive. All you have to do is open the SnapBox app before viewing your received snap and the app will download and save the snap for you.



SaveMySnaps offers a way to view your snaps and download and save the received snaps, selectively the ones you want to. The app works a certain way. In order to save a snap you have received, you need to download it before viewing it.


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Snap Crack,The app comes in both free and paid versions. For those of you who are laid back and usually want to share already saved photos from the gallery can use this app to do so. Not only the app lets you save received snaps but also lets you share photos on Snapchat from your phone’s gallery. [Coming Soon on Android ].


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Another popularly used Snapchat client is SnapSaver that lets its users view and save their received snaps and this works for the photos as well as videos, photo stories and video stories.



Quick Save, The app works in a witty sense such that it allows you to save your received snaps, photos and video stories. Not only this but the app also lets you save photo and video stories of your friends. [ Coming Soon on Android ].



SnapHack, The app has made it possible to save your snaps as screenshots that is otherwise not possible directly through Snapchat application.

Some of these may not be as good as you want, but worth trying so enjoy the best SnapChat Clients for Android.

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