Simple date and time trick that can brick an iPhone

Bricked phone basically means that your device wont turn on in any way and, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix it. Your phone will have no use other than serving as a ‘brick’. Although it should be noted that a phone stuck in boot loop or a phone that boots straight into recovery mode is NOT BRICKED.

Unfortunately, its not an unfamiliar news hearing that a baffling bug is causing an iOS device to crash/malfunction. Couple of months back we saw that a simple set of Arabic words, when sent as a text message, caused iPhones to reboot instantly. Similarly, earlier this year a website came under radar which, when opened, caused Safari to crash immediately and caused the device to reboot in some cases. Quite recently Apple faced major criticism on the so called ‘error 53’. This error unveiled the fact that iPhone can be become completely useless as a result of unofficial repair made to its Touch ID component.

Apart from these temporary bugs, this time something dangerously alarming has been brought to light. Apparently, a simple trick with date and time can cause your iPhone to be bricked permanently. Thanks to Zack Straley, we now have a video-graphic evidence of the bug. As shown in the video, if you set the date of your iOS device to January 1st 1970 and reboot it, it’ll result in a bricked device. Even if you restore your handset by restarting it in DFU mode and connecting it to iTunes, it will become a victim of boot loop and still remain useless.


Courtesy : Zack Straley

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What we can anticipate from this video is that your device wont be affected by this bug until and unless you voluntarily activate it by setting the particular date and rebooting. We hope to see a fix for this problem in Apple’s next update. As of those unfortunate customers who have their iPhones bricked, you should pay a visit to your nearest Apple store to get your smartphones fixed/replaced.

To stay updated with the developments regarding this bug, stay tuned.

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