Setting up your Chrome cast and How to use it through your Mac or iOS devices

Google’s Chormecast made its way to the public last summers and it offered compatibility with Android, Mac/PC and iOS devices. It works with Android 2.3 or higher, iOS 6 and 7 and Mac/PC devices of any version. It is different from AirPlay.

In the beginning Android users were able to stream from Netflix or Youtube while Android users used Google Play Movies and Music only. For computer there were cast websites which used Google Chrome browser. With the advancement and updates now there are numerous apps like Plex, Vevo, Songza, Red Bull TV, Post TV from the Washington Post, Viki, RealPlayer Cloud, Avia, Revision3 Internet Television and BeyondPod that supports casting.

The following description will enable you to do the setup of Chromecast and describes how to use it with iOS and Mac devices along with its usage with gaming.

How to Setup Chromecast:

There is no power source to that will make your Chromecast work, what you need to do is to either connect it by plugging it into US port or connect it via USB to USB power adapter. The following steps will easily setup your Chromecast.

Plug your Chromecast to your TV through HDMI port and USB port, it will turn on the device. After turning on it will display the Google Chrome logo and after that while the setup is being processed you will be displayed slideshow of sceneries.

You can use Google Chrome web browser to set your Chromecast to PC or Mac by visiting Chromecast setup website or you can download the Chromecast app if you want to set it up on iOS device.

Setting up your Chromecast using your computer will open Google’ setup page that will either download a Chrome browser extension or an separate app. We will use n standalone app for this tutorial.

After you will download the app and launch it for the first time. It will search your local network for Chromecast, during that it will also ask you to download the extension (which we didn’t download earlier). However your will need this extension if you want the Chrome browser streaming on your TV.

You can download the Chromecast extension later on by clicking here if you feel like streaming on your TV. When it will be installed you will see the Cast Extension on the top right corner of your Chrome Toolbar. It will be square shaped and in your lower left corner universal Wi-Fi bar icon will be shown as well.

Click the Blue Set Up button to continue


In order to finish the Setup, Chromecast app will ask you to input the character string  on your computer which are displayed on TV just to verify that TV is connect by correct input.

After you inputted the string correctly, Chromecast will end the procedure and you have accomplished in setting up your Chromecast. Now you can use it with no ease. But in order to use it you either need a tablet, computer or a smartphone which will be used as a remote control because Chromecast doesn’t come with a remote control.

How to use Chromecast with Mac:

You will need a Chrome browser because they have website that are enhanced and intended for Chromecast. There are number of such websites like Google Play Music, Netflix, YouTube and many more. You can check which website are optimized for casting by looking at the Cast icon which is displayed on the site, when you open it on Chrome browser a Cast icon will be visible on the toolbar. While on the videos there is also a Cast icon which allows you to play the videos on your TV.

Clicking the Cast icon will open a pop up which will ask you select a device on which you want to play the video. You can choose Chromecast or computer, but if you have number of Chromecasts in your home, there will be a list from which you can select that desire Chromecast which you wish to connect. After you have selected, your TV will show what is about to be played while computer connects the Chromecast. During the connection, Cast icon turns blue which indicates the connection.
As soon as the connection is made, you can perform other normal activities on your computer like checking your email or working or you can ever put your computer to sleep if you want.

During connection there are issues that user face while playing video, Hulu Plus is a website which has Chromecast supported mobile app. Hulu Plus allows full screen casting to TV but this can make your computer and anything you are working on it very slow because of load. So if you are playing the video you better close other programs and your computer must be close to any Wi-Fi router. You can also use a Ethernet connection for better bandwidth.

And those website that don’t have mobile apps also cause problems while playing videos. There was a problem which is experienced by Amazon Prime Instant Video which plays video through casting but it doesn’t play videos in full screen and while playing video instead of playing the audio from your TV speakers, it keeps playing it from your Computer speaker. If you press the full screen button, the video stops on TV and only website is displayed while the full video is played on the computer.

The casting technology is in its beta versions so many website that support Chromecasting might change their functionality with time because there is no access to Website developers to meddle into Chromecast.

How to use Chromecase on iOS Devices:

Using iOS device for casting allows you to buy Movies and TV shows, there are number of apps that offer like Google Play Movies and many more. In order to work with iOSm you need to select the video you want to play, in the upper right corner is the cast icon which you will tap to open a pop up. Select the device you want to watch on. After the connection is being made, the Cast icon will turn blue and you can watch the video.



There will be a number of music apps which will allow you to control playback from Control Center but almost every app that shows videos will not allow you, for them you will need control the videos by going into the app from where the video is being played.

The procedure is almost same in every website, once you get familiarized with the procedure it will be easy for you. All you need to do is tap on the Cast icon which is located on the upper or lower right corner, select the Chromecast from the list and anything you want to play will be visible on your TV.


How to use Chromecast for Gaming:

Chromecast is not officially used for gaming, neither it supports games but still there are games that can be played using casting.

Tic Tac Toe is one of the games which user can play using Chromecast, the game has a multiplayer feature which allows the user to play the game from their separate devices. Tic Tac Toe is available on both App Store and Google Play Store, you need to download it on both the devices. There is no restriction on devices, it can be two Android devices or two iOS devices or one of both. The devices need to be connected over the same Wi-Fi and then users need to open the game on their devices. There is a cast icon on the game, tapping it will open the list. Chose same Chromecast and it will allow the two users to play each other.

The game promptly decides which person is O and which is X but the color scheme is a bit different in both iOS and Android devices but it works fine and you can enjoy the game on your TV.

This is everything that you will need to know to start playing videos on your TV through Mac or iOS devices. You can even have the gaming experience through Chromecast which is not that much expensive as it cost only $35.00

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