Second speaker instead of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 rumored

We have already been hearing that Apple is working to improve the sound quality of its upcoming flagship smartphones. This struggle has led to rumors that the tech giant might be willing to omit the typical 3.5 mm headphone jack to introduce something more innovative. Quite recently, rumors arrived which are claiming that the upcoming iPhone 7 might feature a second speaker for the first time in iPhone’s history.

Courtesy: Express UK

Courtesy: Express UK

The new rumor line up with the previous ones which were speculating the expulsion of the headphone jack. It might be possible that Apple uses the space occupied by the headphone jack in iPhone 6s to introduce another speaker for the upcoming model.

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According to analysts Blayne Curtis and Christopher Hemmelgarn, second amp which will be required to power the new speaker is expected to be built and supplied by Cirrus Logic. Furthermore, they claimed that Apple will not introduce dynamic noise cancellation for its users. Rather they’ll be using a basic digital codec.

So what alternative will Apple bring to take place of the conventional 3.5 mm headphone jack? Apparently two solutions are being anticipated. First, Apple might ship its new flagship smartphone with a set of wireless earphones working on Bluetooth technology. On the other hand, they might just use their Lightning port to connect their headphones. Naturally the second case seems more practical as Apple is well-known to promote its own technology instead of depending on standards like Bluetooth.

Although it should be noted that many other smartphones are available in the market which are featuring stereo speakers, but unlike iPhone they are built on opposite ends of the devices to ensure an enhanced experience.

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