Fix Screen overlay detected error on Android

Screen overlay detected is an annoying error that pops up while you are using an application with a floating screen and in-between, you open another application which requires permissions. The permissions pop conflicts with the floating screen of the other application and then results in this screen overlay detected error. This is not a common error, it happens with some specific applications only.

Screen overlay detected error can be fixed either by uninstalling the application which is causing this error or changing the settings of that application if you don’t want to delete it. Once you know what application is being the culprit, you can fix this error right away.

Screen overlay detected error on Android

  1. Open settings on your Android phone.
  2. In the search bar of settings application, type “draw”. It will show the Draw over other apps option.
  3. For Samsung devices, go to settings > application manager > tap the three dot option on the top right and then tap Apps that can appear on top. On Android Nougat, you will first tap Special Access > Apps that can appear on top.
  4. Now a list of applications will appear. Identify the unknown or newly installed application that you think is the culprit and disable it.
  5. Now open the application again and its permissions should go fine.
  6. If you wish to enable screen overlay for specific applications, you can go back to the settings mentioned above and do it with the applications you use the most.

On Samsung smartphones, the one-handed keyboard also seems to be the culprit. You can disable it from the accessibility settings. 360 Security Antivirus is also causing issues for many users. If you have this application installed, uninstalling it will help you. This tutorial should work fine for you. Just in case you are still experiencing any problems, drop those in the comments section below.

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