Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 that’s not charging [ Tips ]

In this post, I’ll tell you how to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 that’s not charging. Although Samsung Galaxy S3 is an old goat, but still there are hundred’s of users who are using Samsung Galaxy S3 as a daily driver. I got many emails regarding this issue that Samsung S3 is not Charging. Now let’s start the method to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 that’s not charging.

[note] Learn how to install Android 6.0 on Samsung Galaxy S3[/note]

samsung s3 not charging

Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 that’s not charging:

Before moving on let me tell you few things, there can be several issues causing this problem. I’ll tell you all the possible troubleshooting methods which  can help you fix Samsung Galaxy S3 not Charging issue. After trying all of these methods still your facing not charging issue on Galaxy S3 then you have to take your device to Samsung service center to get it fixed.

Liquid damage: If water or any liquid made its way to your phone and its start acting weird, then the best possible solution is to take it to service center and get it checked by officials.

Physical damage: If you have dropped your device and your screen is cracked, bent covers, bulges and more. You cannot fix it through any solutions. The best scenario is get it repaired through Samsung service center.


Now if you are facing battery not charging issue on Galaxy S3, First thing you should do is check if your sockets are working properly. Try charging other devices, use another charger, try changing cables and after that if you see that other devices are not getting charge, that means you have problems with your sockets or extensions.


This is most basic step change your cable or use the same cable with other device, if the other device is charging that means you have problem with your device charging port.


Connect your device with USB cable and wiggled the cable in different direction, it may help to know that your charging port is loose or not.


  • Take the battery out and check the connectors to see that they are properly aligned. If any of the connectors are miss placed your device won’t charge.
  • Spin your battery on the table, if it’s spinning that means it’s time to change your battery.
  • IF none of these factors are there then you should change your battery to see it working or not.

Now as I said before if your Samsung Galaxy S3 is not charging after trying all these methods, it means your device needs to get checked by the officials.

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