Samsung rumored to use vapor chamber cooling on its smartphones for 2019

Why do phones feature advanced cooling options? Well, the fact that the chipset’s temperature rises abruptly might give you a clue as to why this happens. For Samsung, it was rumored to get rid of heat pipe cooling technology on its phones in 2018, but a new report says otherwise.

Samsung rumored to use vapor chamber cooling on its smartphones for 2019

It details that supply chains will provide Samsung with thermal solutions for its smartphones in 2018, but they are not going to be vapor chambers, but heat pipes instead. As the temperature of the smartphone continues to rise inside its frame, the processor’s clock speed decreases so that those temperatures are reduced.

However, while those temperatures are decreased, so does the performance of the phone. Adding heat pipes will allow the heat to be transferred from the chipset at a faster pace, so the processor can run at its maximum rated clock speeds without slowing down.

So why is Samsung opting for these and not vapor chambers instead, which can provide even better cooling performance? The short story is that these solutions are way too expensive. Even different smartphone vendors are keeping away from heat pipes because that would mean an increase in cost.

This increase in cost means that either manufacturers will have to increase the cost of their smartphones, which might put off customers or charge the same price but earn smaller profit margins.

Samsung has been rumored to use vapor chambers for 2019, but that could mean the Galaxy flagship phones will become a little more expensive than the rest of the phones out there.

Still, it will mean you will be able to generate more performance out of the smartphone, but the same thing cannot be said about the other phones.

Would you consider paying extra for a Samsung flagship in 2019 if it runs cooler and is able to maintain the same level of performance?


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