Samsung planning to ship 60 million units of Galaxy S8

There is a lot riding on Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8. After the Note 7 exploding fiasco, this is the company’s chance to redeem themselves with a stunning device. Well according to new reports Samsung is planning ti ship out 60 million units of the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has also asked its components suppliers to keep up with the target set. Well the Korean giant sure seems confident about the success of its device. In the past the company reportedly shipped 45 millions of of Galaxy S5 and S6 and 48 million units of Galaxy S7. Samsung is also looking at recouping their losses incurred due to the global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 and its subsequent discontinuation.

After the mass production of the units which start in March, the company will be shipping out 5 million units every month after that. Industry analysts suggest that Samsung is setting up an ambitious target of shipping out this many units as the high-end smartphone market has gotten quite competitive. Samsung through Galaxy S8 will be luring back the disgruntled customers that it lost due to the exploding battery episode with Note 7. Galaxy S8 is expected to be unveiled at the exclusive event held at 18th April in New York.

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