Samsung patent shows a graphene battery that can last longer and charger much faster

Lithium Ion batteries were introduced in 1991 and though they have replaced Lithium Cadmium batteries thanks to their extreme endurance and longevity, it is high time that there was a successor lined up. Lithium Ion batteries have several benefits but with mobile devices being used extensively and lots of portable hardware having to take advantage of this component, this advantage it brings suddenly reduces with time.

Samsung patent shows a graphene battery that can last longer and charger much faster

Samsung might have an answer to this conundrum and it is featured in a graphene battery. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, or SAIT has successfully synthesized a now-patented graphene ball. Though this graphene ball is able to make Lithium Ion batteries, these batteries are going to feature different properties compared to what you are used to seeing on regular Lithium Ion batteries.

The short version is that these batteries will last 45 percent longer and charge around five-times faster, according to the research that has been presented forward. Using advanced charging technologies, the Galaxy Note 8 will take approximately an hour to charge to full capacity and just so you know, it features a 3,300mAh battery.

Now if you use the new and improved Lithium Ion batteries using graphene-based technology, it will take around 12 minutes to charge the smartphone and while charging, the battery will also last longer in terms of reducing the percentage from 100-0 plus have a longer lifespan in general.

SAIT did not confirm if this technology is going to be present in smartphones and notebooks but it is high time that such a battery technology breakthrough was introduced. We have already reached the limit of Lithium Ion batteries and without a better technology to forward to, smartphone and notebook battery life will never be able to improve on its own.

Efficient smartphone and notebook hardware will aid in battery saving, but a breakthrough of its own is needed desperately.


M. Omer

M. Omer

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M. Omer
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    excuse me, do you could indicate me the code of the patent ? i want to google it.

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