Samsung Orbis smartwatch: Specifications, Features and Release date

Over the past few years the smartwatch industry has been growing slowly and gradually but analyst predict that within the next two years we will see a significant increase in sales as people get to understand the utility of the wearable and as more brands enter the arena an increased competition will also be seen. One of the reports talking about wearable technology trends published last year suggests that the smartwatch industry will see an annual growth rate of 35% over the next five years and by 2019, 148 million units will be shipped annually. That is great news for companies in the industry.

Samsung has been one of the major players in the wearable arena . This year the company is working on a classic round dial design smartwatch which is code named Orbis. Last year we saw Motorola introduce Moto 360, a beautiful round dial Android Wear watch which was very well received, Samsung could have gotten their inspiration from them as to date they have not delved with the round design, they have worked with square-shaped watches which they say provide a better display space for reading. It will be interesting to see how Samsung adapts this concept and bring something different.

According to the patent drawings and the reports that have surfaced to date, Samsung indeed is bringing a different concept on board from what was seen in Moto 360. The Orbis watch will be a round dial design but will have rotating bezel. The features assigned to the rotating bezel and the well execution of that concept can make this watch a success for Samsung.


To date the reports suggest that rotation of the ring can show you apps as well as widgets in use and once you reach a particular widget it will show you its content. Rotating the widget on the left will show you different notifications as well as help you explore though them. The Orbis smartwatch will not have the function of making or answering calls which is available in the present Samsung smartwatches. A right rotation of the ring will reject the call and a left movement will reject the call and send a present message. Samsung is also adding a ‘crown button’ to the watch though which the recent apps can be closed as well as the call in progress can be disconnected.

As a music player the left and right rotations will take you to the previous track or it will skip a track respectively. The sub-menu will reveal the different albums and playlists and the rotation of the bezel will let you explore the contents. Apart from this the added functions assigned to the rotating ring are that it will help dismiss or snooze alarms, find your device and tell weather details as well. Samsung is working towards a wireless charger as beforehand it had been using a cradle for its smartwatches. We hope that there will be an improvement in battery time too from what was seen in the previous wearable’s.

What we have seen to this point regarding Samsung’s upcoming watch is that all of the functions of the watch are associated with the round rotary bezel. This is how they plan to present a unique concept to their take on the round dial design. If they execute the given concepts well then Samsung has a winner at hands. The Orbis Watch is expected to meet the public at Samsung’s event at the MWC on 1st March in Barcelona. Not only will we see the watch in its glory but we will also get to know what other features are present in the watch. We are excited about this watch from Samsung and cannot wait to see what different functions it will have. What are your thoughts regarding Samsung’s Orbis Watch, do let us know.




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