Samsung Mini Pro coming to South Korea in Q1 of 2017

Samsung is always working on improving users experience by providing them with key features and specs through their devices. Two years back the company successfully launched their payment platform Samsung Pay which allows users to make payments through their Samsung smartphones. Now Samsung is introducing Samsung Mini Pro, a service through which users can make online payments from their smartphones. We did hear about this development a few weeks back and how Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant may also be integrated with it.

Samsung Mini Pay will be available for all Android smartphones regardless of their brand. So, where Samsung Pay is Samsung exclusive, Samsung Mini Pay will be for all Android users. Users will be able to make swift payments through their devices for utilities like transport, groceries or even bills. At the moment the service will only be introduced in South Korea and will be rolled out to other countries soon.

In South Korea, the company has worked on providing a rewards program by collaborating with different retailers, so that people will use this service. The trail version of Samsung Mini Pay will go online on 6th February. Users who have the Samsung Card will be able to download the app. At the moment the trail version will be available with the finished product coming soon. Samsung Mini Pay will work on Android smartphones with two basic requirements: it needs to have 1280 x 720 pixel resolution display and should be running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.



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