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With the Galaxy Note 4 having out of the curtains, Samsung is all done with its flagship devices for the year 2014. On the other hand, Apple, Google, Motorola, LG, Sony and other tech giants are also done with bringing up their flagship devices in order to stay in the competition and give a tough time to the rivals. While a great year in the tech history is coming to an end, now all the eyes are on the devices that will be hitting the shelves in the early 2015.

CES and MWC are on the way, there will be the biggest tech unveils happening around. Right now the point of the talk is Samsung’s Galaxy S6, that just surfaced the rumor mills a day back. With Galaxy S5, Samsung disappointed the users a little bit. The device sported a same design as that of the Galaxy S4 with a little touch-ups here and there. There were a few improvements in the device hardware, but it didn’t sport a QHD display (a big miss it was) and some other aspects that didn’t let the device become a big hit of the year.  Although Samsung did a great job with the Galaxy Note 4,  but Galaxy Note 4 isn’t a choice for the smartphone users since it’s something more than a smartphone, what we call it, a phablet. Before the Apple’s all new iPhone 6 attracts Samsung’s users, Samsung will have to do something about its on-going situation in the tech industry and gain its lost respect and position back.

The very first rumors, that reached us through one of the most trust-able sources around, Sammobile, about the Galaxy S6 suggest that Samsung will be rebuilding everything from scratch in order to make a strong come back in the smartphone arena, the Galaxy S6 project is rumored to be named as Project Zero. With a huge drop in the revenues, Samsung is aiming to over come the things it missed and the flaws in the Galaxy S5, and win some respect and a nice place in the users’s pockets by making the Galaxy S6 a great choice. Although it will be too soon to talk about the Galaxy S6, but there’s enough fuel available now to keep the rumor mills alive until the device comes out. We’ve summed up all the rumors, speculations and anticipations that are currently streaming around, in the proceeding post. Let’s go through this and learn what we know so far about the Galaxy S6 specs, price and release date in the news and rumors.

Galaxy S6 Design & Build: All Metal

With the rumor naming it as Project Zero, it looks like this will be the time when Samsung will finally learn a great lesson and let its old plastic build go away now. Samsung used Metallic bezels on the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4, that give these devices a premium look and feel, also, Samsung used a different design, but the bezel on the sides isn’t enough. Rumors have suggested that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a uni body metallic phone, that will be one of its first Galaxy S-kind flagship. Galaxy S5 sported a design identical to the previous Galaxy devices and that was one of the reasons that made the Galaxy S5 a flop, Samsung will be skipping that design now and the Galaxy S6 will have a complete new design and build quality.

Galaxy S6 Display

LG’s G3 is there as a smartphone having a display of 5.5-inch, this makes a sense for Samsung to go bigger this time. Although the screen size hasn’t been rumored yet, but we expect it to be around 5.2 or 5.3-inch, and it will most probably be a Super AMOLED QHD display as same as that of the Galaxy Note 4. QHD screen is a must for the Galaxy S6 if Samsung wants to deliver at its best now, the device will have a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Galaxy S6 Hardware (Camera, CPU, RAM, Battery)

IMx240 camera sensor, the one on the Note 4 will be found on the Galaxy S6 as well. S6’s camera will lie between 16 and 20 Megapixels. On the front, Samsung will use a 5 MP sensor that will target and enhance the Selfie experience on the device. Under the hood, Samsung will use it’s newly introduced Exynos 7420 CPU with A57 and A53 cores, Exynos 7420 is a 64 bit Octa-Core CPU, so this will be a huge upgrade. Some variants of the Galaxy S6 will be powered up with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU, that too is an Octa-Core CPU and is 64 bit. Internal storage will begin from 32 GB, Samsung will be skipping the 16 GB variant this time. A RAM of 3GB or 4GB will be placed on board. It is also suggested that the Galaxy S6 will be a much more battery efficient smartphone as compared to the other smartphones. The phone will include a Broadcom chip, that puts GPS and other multiple sensors on the same chip in order to make the phone process the data much

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Galaxy S6 Software

Android Lollipop Official

No doubt about that, the Galaxy S6 will run on all new Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android 5.0 Lollipop is already out, which also happens to be the biggest and the coolest update in the history of Android, and the version of Android with major UI changes after the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Galaxy S6 Release Date

According the trend,that has been set by Samsung since it launched the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy S6 is supposed to come out in the early 2015. MWC 2015 is all set to go live in March, 2015, we can anticipate that Samsung will be bringing the Galaxy S6 in spotlight at its separate event that it will be holding on March 1 or March 2 at the event. The event (MWC) will take place in Barcelona.

Galaxy S6 Price

The Galaxy S5, when came out, costed around $700 for an unlocked variant. The device didn’t have so enchanting specifications, and it costed this whopping amount. Now that the Galaxy S6 for sure will be a huge improvement over that, we won’t expect the device to cost any less than that. For now we are expecting the device to cost between $750 – $800 once it comes out.

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That’s all we know so far about the Galaxy S6. For all the updates about this device, make sure that you bookmark this post as we will be putting all the stuff right here as soon as it new information lands in. Let us know about your thoughts on the Galaxy S6 and improvements you expect from Samsung. Thank you all.

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