Run Android Apps On PC With This Google Chrome Hack

In the recent update, Google made a cool change to the Chrome, the new feature named as ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) allows Google Chrome to run certain Android apps on the PC. Since this is a very new feature, there are certain limitations set by Google on the ARC. ARC works only on Chrome OS, and it can only run a limited number of applications. Apparently this seems a cool feature, but its charm comes to an end as soon as you come to know that it only runs on Chrome OS and runs only 4 applications for now.ARChon

But wait, there’s Google and Android involved in it, and we do know that developers, who cannot live under limits have always introduced something that enhances the functionality of the Google’s products, something similar has happened with ARC as well. A developer, named “Vladimir” has modified ARC and ripped off all the limits set by Google. The modified ARC is named as ARChon. The very first thing that ARChon has done is, it can run any Android application on Chrome without any hiccups here and there. Alongside that, ARChon is compatible with any computer running Google Chrome including Windows PC, Linux and Mac OSX.

ARC let’s the Android applications sideload in Chrome browser and users can experience those applications on their computers. ARC doesn’t accept normal APK files to sideload the applications, that might make you wonder how are you going load the application then? Well, ARC needs the APK file to be converted into Google Chrome extension and only then you can add it in your browser. Vladimir has also taken a notice of that and has provided a solution for converting APKs into extensions.

At the moment, ARChon is buggy and might crash on several apps, but it definitely runs a number of applications to their full potential. This might lead the Android world into a new direction and we might have a number of developments happening around ARC soon. You may want to checkout the developer’s github page and grab ARChon to run apps on your PC.

Via: AndroidCommunity

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