Root Xperia Z1 C6902/C6903 14.5.A.0.242 5.0.2 Lollipop With Dual Recovery

The latest firmware build number for Xperia Z1 C6902 and C6903 is 14.5.A.0.242. It is based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. The firmware has been released a while ago. For power users, it is necessary to find the rooting method for the new firmware before updating their devices. This is important because most of power applications and modifications require root access. As soon as the firmware for Xperia Z1 is released, a new rooting method has also been designed for it.

This guide covers two topics; Rooting Xperia Z1 C6902 and C6903 on Android 5.0.2 Lollipoo 14.5.A.0.242 firmware, and the second topic is to install Dual Recovery (Philz Touch and TWRP) on Xperia Z1 Lollipop firmware. The Dual recovery is developed by NUT who is a recognized XDA developer and is currently supporting number of Xperia devices. To be able to follow this guide, you should keep in mind that there are three major steps. All the steps are explained in detail. All steps are explained will complete details so that any kind of error can be avoided. There are three main steps. Rooting KitKat firmware and downgrading if you have updated the device already. Creating the pre-rooted firmware and the third step is to root and install dual recovery in Xperia Z1. Make sure that you follow all the steps given below and complete all pre-required steps to avoid all kind of errors. The model number and build numbers are mentioned again and again throughout the post so that you do not mistakenly use this guide on any other smartphone or any other variant  of Xperia Z1.

1. This is only for Sony Xperia Z1 C6902 and Xperia Z1 C6903

This rooting method is only for the device mentioned above. Make sure that your model number matches the one listed above. To do so, go to Settings > About Device on your device and see your model number. Flashing this firmware on any other device will result in bricking it so make sure that you meet this requirement first of all.

2. Battery should be charged at least over 60%.

Make sure that your battery is charged enough to complete the flashing process. In case your battery is low and your device goes dead during the flashing process, you may end up soft bricking your device as it won’t complete the flashing process.

3. Backup everything!

Just to be on the safe side, you may consider backing up each and everything from your Android device. This is highly recommended so that in case anything goes wrong, you still have the access to all of your data and you can restore it immediately. You may backup everything as listed below.

  • Backup SMS Messages
  • Backup Call Logs
  • Backup Contacts
  • Backup Media – Copy your files manually to your PC or Laptop.
  • Titanium Backup – If already rooted, use Titanium Backup to backup all of your apps, system data and other important content. If you haven’t rooted your device previously, skip this step.
  • Backup Nandroid  If CWM  or TWRP installed previously, otherwise skip this step and perform this at the end of flashing.

4. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your device.

Enable USB debugging mode on your device. To do so, tap settings>developer options>USB debugging. If you can’t find developer options in settings, then tap settings > about device and tap “Build Number” for 7 times and you’ll get em’ activated under settings.

5. Install and setup Sony Flashtool.

You must have installed Sony Flashtool.Download Flash Tool | Find the full guide here.

After installing Sony Flashtool, open the Flashtool folder from the drive where you installed it. Now open Flashtool>Drivers>Flashtool-drivers.exe and install the Flashtool, Fastboot & Xperia Z1 drivers from the list. If you do not find the Flashtool drivers in Flashmode, skip this step and install Sony PC Companion instead, for drivers support. [Important]

6. Use OEM data cable to establish connection.

Make sure that you use the phone’s original data cable to establish connection between your phone and the PC. Using a different data cable might result in interrupting the firmware installation.

7. Unlock Bootloader

Use the following guide to unlock the bootloader of your Xperia device before proceeding.

Steps For Rooting Xperia Z1 C6902/C6903 14.5.A.0.242 Firmware

1. Downgrade to .108 Firmware and Root It

  1. If you have already updated your smartphone to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, then you have to downgrade your device to KitKat OS and Root it.
  2. Use this guide to Install .108 firmware.
  3. Root using this guide.
  4. Now Install XZ Dual Recovery.
  5. Now phone is rooted, USB Debugging must be enabled.
  6. Download latest installer for Xperia Z1 from here. (
  7. Connect phone to PC using OEM date cable and run install.bat.
  8. It will install the custom recovery.
  9. Now work here is done. Lets move on to next step.

2. Make A Pre-Rooted Flashable Firmware For .242 FTF

  1. Download PRF Creator and install on your system.
  2. Download SuperSU zip and place anywhere on PC.
  3. Download .242 FTF and place it anywhere on PC.
  4. Download
  5. Now run PRFC and add all three required files in it.
  6. Then click on Create.
  7. Once the Flashable ROM is created, it will show the successful message.
  8. Do not touch any other option while creating the pre-rooted firmware.
  9. Now copy the pre-rooted firmware to the phone’s internal storage.
  10. Our work in this step is now done. Move on to next step.

Note: If you do not want to create a pre-rooted flashable zip for your phone yourself, then you can download it for your phone’s specific model number and use it in the guide.

C6902 14.5.A.0.242 Pre-Rooted Flashable Zip | C6903 14.5.A.0.242 Pre-Rooted Flashable Zip

3. Root and Install Recovery on Z1 C6902/C6903 5.0.2 Lollipop Firmware

  1. Custom recovery was installed in the first step.
  2. The pre-rooted firmware was created and copied to phone in next step.
  3. Now you have to turn off phone.
  4. Turn it on again and press volume up or down repeatedly to enter custom recovery.
  5. Click on install and locate the folder where you placed the flashable zip earlier.
  6. Tap on it and install it.
  7. Now reboot the phone.
  8. If phone is still connected to PC via USB cable, disconnect it.
  9. Now go back to the .242 ftf you downloaded in second step and copy it to /flashtool/fimrwares
  10. Open flashtool and click on lightning icon in the top left.
  11. Click on it and click on flashmode.
  12. Select the .242 firmware.
  13. In the right bar, in the exclude options, exclude System only. It means that tick System only there. Leave every other options as it is.
  14. While flashtool prepares the software for flashing, turn off your phone.
  15. Keep the volume down button pressed and connect it to PC via USB cable.
  16. The button must be pressed during it.
  17. The phone will enter flashmode.
  18. Flashtool will automatically detect it and start flashing.
  19. After flashing phone will reboot and you will be done 🙂
  20. That’s all 🙂 Enjoy
  21. Now your phone has a dual custom recovery, root access and of course latest Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Firmware.

Got any questions? Ask me in the comments below

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  • Ralphch97

    Why did we flash the firmware 2 times?
    (Once from recovery and the other time from flashtool)
    Thank you very much for this tutorial! We really needed it!

    • @ralphchahwan:disqus basically you will flash the old firmware to gain the root access on it and then you will flash the new pre-rooted firmware using recovery. Make sure that you follow the tutorial carefully and don’t forget to leave us the feedback.

      • Ralphch97

        I will try it soon!
        I was talking about 3) f and r
        F) we flashed the zip file containing lollipop using recovery
        R) we flashed the same ftf with flashtool

        I just wanna know why
        Thank you

        • @ralphchahwan:disqus in 1, you downgrade to old firmware and root it, in 2nd you create pre-rooted file of new firmware and in 3 you flash pre-rooted ftf. Is it clear now?

        • 3) m part explains why you need to flash normal ftf after flashing the pre-rooted firmware. To flash leatest kernel, data etc but not the system. It is excluded while flashing which keeps root and recovery.

  • Emad Monazzam

    no way to root android 5 without downgrade to kitkat ? if Possible tel me

    • @emadmonazzam:disqus as of now, this is the only way we could find, but as soon as we find a new method we will post it on our site 🙂 stay connected.

  • Salil

    HI , I followed the exact same instructions mentioned above for my z1 6902 .. but as soon as i install “” from my CWRM.. and it goes in to boot loop .. pls suggest

    • @disqus_6XZj17YFUX:disqus can you please try wiping cache/dalvik cache from recovery?

  • equesta

    Hi there – I’ve been following the steps closely, but I can’t get to the recovery in Step 3. The article says

    “Turn it on again and press volume up or down repeatedly to enter custom recovery.”

    Which one is it? Is it the up or down button?

    • @equesta:disqus try pressing both (Up or Down) simultaneously. Good Luck.

  • Muhammad Khamis

    Can I root my Xperia z1 lollipop?

    • @muhammadkhamis:disqus use the tutorial explained above. Good Luck.

  • @paulussbd:disqus if you have a recovery installed on your device, just make a pre-rooted .242 firmware and flash it straight away. You do not need to go to .108 for that. Good Luck.

    • Alban Avdiu

      how to know if i have a recovery installed on my device and how to make a pre rooted .242 firmware

      • @albanavdiu:disqus please read the guide. It explains everything.

  • @vuthenix:disqus I’m looking into the method and trying to verify it once again, Please stay connected.

    • Vuth Enix

      Nvm I reflash new UPDATE SuperSU zip now I got what I needed

      • @vuthenix:disqus can you please the steps exactly what you did?
        Your comment will help others who are having issues at the moment 🙂
        Thank you for letting us know 🙂

        • Vuth Enix

          Well I completed your steps and the phone bootloop so I go to recovery to reflash the then factory reset and clear all cache/delvic then I flash SuperSU zip again. All problem was solved

  • @disqus_uoKbesjoaJ:disqus yes there is, it will be available on our site tonight.

  • Stephen

    What is the function of unlock BL????

    • Vuth Enix

      To flash the flashable zip

  • equesta

    No to either. Hi, I’m also now stuck in a boot loop. I tried the same thing as @Vuth Enix below (factory reset, wipe cache/dalvik, etc) but still am stuck in a bootloop.

    • @equesta:disqus flash the file in recovery and then factory reset your device, after that flash the file. Good Luck

    • Vuth Enix

      Just it flash those 2 firmware all over and over again until it boot up normally. First try flash from PC then flash the zip. If not working do the opposite thing and SuperSU after that

  • Feras Al Raghib Mustafa

    Hello and thank you very much
    I try it on Z1 compact step by step but not work it the phone must br flash agian

    • @ferasalraghibmustafa:disqus this guide is for Z1, not for Z1 Compact.

      • Feras Al Raghib Mustafa

        i kmow sir but i downoaded all about z1c not for z1

  • @sufipunk18:disqusdo this
    boot into recovery.
    Flash the file once again.
    now factory reset your device and wipe cache and dalvik cache.
    now flash file.
    That’s all. Your device should be working fine now. Good Luck.

  • @ronnie_lazarus:disqus you can’t directly flash the pre-rooted firmware on your device as it will be file.
    downgrading is necessary because you can only have a working recovery on that firmware. To install a recovery you need root access first, and to install a firmware you need a recovery. Yes, once you are rooted and you have recovery on latest .242 firmware, you will be able to flash other files as well.
    The new recovery for lollipop is updated and it won’t cause any harm now. And yes, you will be able to restore a nandroid backup anytime.
    I hope this answers all of your questions. Good Luck.

    • Ronnie Lazarus

      Oh well thanks a ton. It surely does! Also, in the step 3 m, didn’t you mean, “it means that UNTICK System only there.”?

      • @ronnie_lazarus:disqus yes, it was untick, I’ve fixed it. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  • @disqus_5CnEFTLshz:disqus boot into recovery and flash file again. Let me know if if it works or not.

  • @disqus_6XZj17YFUX:disqus try wiping cache and dalvik once again. What version of you flashed? can you please tell me that?

  • Quesito35

    everything went perfect, root and running in dual recovery 14.5.A.0.242 C6903 Xperia Z1 (5.0.2) .Thanks

    • @quesito35:disqus thank you for the feedback. Stay connected with us.

  • Vuth Enix

    Try reflash from your PC then reflash
    The flashable zip install latest SuperSU and wipe dalvic cache. Just do it all over and over again lol. Yes u need to have unlocked bootloader

  • Vuth Enix

    Needed to be unlocked

  • Vuth Enix

    Just it flash those 2 firmware all over and over again until it boot up normally. First try flash from PC then flash the zip. If not working do the opposite thing and SuperSU after that

  • TheGadgetGuy

    “In the right bar, in the exclude options, exclude System only. It means that untick System only there. Leave every other options as it is. ”
    Did you mean Check the SYSTEM in Exclude?
    I did and did everything else too. Nothing worked. Right now i have android C6902_14.5.A.0.242_Customized US installed but without root and recovery also gone.

    What should I do?

  • TheGadgetGuy

    “In the right bar, in the exclude options, exclude System only. It means that untick System only there. Leave every other options as it is. ”
    Did you mean Check the SYSTEM in Exclude?
    I did and did everything else too. Nothing worked. Right now i have android C6902_14.5.A.0.242_Customized US installed but without root and recovery also gone.

    What should I do?

    • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus that means uncheck the system and leave all other options checked.

      • TheGadgetGuy

        By default in Exclude all options are Unchecked. So do you mean I need to exclude everything else other than System? Leaving Systems unchecked in Exclude means the flashing is excluding everything else other than system correct?

        • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus that means including everything except system.
          Untick system, leave all others ticked. You got it now?

    • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus exclude means : not selecting something, something that you will uncheck and untick.
      You will untick system,
      and tick all other options.

    • Ronnie Lazarus

      Well I think that what @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus was saying makes some sense as by default, nothing is ticked there as it can be seen in the screenshot! And the fact that we have to EXCLUDE System only and INCLUDE everything else, the only thing which SHOULD BE TICKED in the “EXCLUDE” category should be “System”. That is to say that We Only need to ‘Tick’ System there as we are wanting to EXCLUDE it and leave Everything Else ‘Un-Ticked’ as we are wanting to INCLUDE them. Ain’t that right @usamamujtaba:disqus? And I did just that and am on .242 successfully rooted and dual recovery installed and working! 🙂 Hope it helps everyone else too. And I guess that is the only thing which has been causing people boot loops!

      • @ronnie_lazarus:disqus this was a complete misunderstanding. In the guide it was written that tick the system to include it, but the @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus’s comment confused me as well about it. However, thanks for clearing it out ,its going to help the users.

        • @ronnie_lazarus:disqus I’m using this picture as a reference in the guide above. Thanks once again.

          • Ronnie Lazarus

            Please do! 🙂 and I would love to be in contact with you 🙂 my Google id is Thanks!

        • TheGadgetGuy

          Dear Usama,

          I understood what exclude meant. The problem was in the original )write up ,the word was “untick”. But as I see now the article has been corrected. Saying that I confused you is not quite correct. Nevertheless now the issue being resolved let me explain how I solved it.

          I was in the Lollipop (C6902_14.5.A.0.242_Customized US) system Excluding Nothing(Yes It means including all).

          I installed CWM using fastboot.(Not flashmode, in fastboot mode)

          Then I installed from recovery(CWM)

          Flashed C6902 14.5.A.0.242 Pre-Rooted Flashable Zip from the new recovery.

          Factory reset
          Wipe Cache
          Wipe Dalvik Cache
          Install SU.

          Using Flashtool I Flashed C6902_14.5.A.0.242_Customized US Excluding System( Yes it means “tick” System not ‘untick’)

          Again it was in bootloop. But as the recovery was correct this time , I pressed the Upkey to get into the teamwin recovery.

          Flashed C6902 14.5.A.0.242 Pre-Rooted Flashable Zip from the new recovery.
          Factory reset
          Wipe Cache
          Wipe Dalvik Cache
          Installed SU zip (
          Finally It was done.

          Your article is very good. Thank you so much.I believe you edited the article to “untick” after suggestion from someone else.

          Please find from the history.

          “Ronnie Lazarus Usama Mujtaba • 3 days ago
          Oh well thanks a ton. It surely does! Also, in the step 3 m, didn’t you mean, “it means that UNTICK System only there.”?
          • Reply•Share ›
          Usama Mujtaba Admin Ronnie Lazarus • 2 days ago
          Ronnie Lazarus yes, it was untick, I’ve fixed it. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

          UNTICK is not correct. By default it is already untick. So when you are actually excluding something you need to Exclude and tick that part inst it?

          But I have happy because after doing so many trial and error in last 2 days, I have finally a Rooted Android Lolipop .

          • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus haha 🙂 No not you confused me, the contradiction between the post and your comment is what confused me, since I’m not the original author of this post, I myself had no idea about the Exclude options. however, I’m pretty happy that your issue has been resolved now 🙂 I hope that you stay connected with us and help us to improve our site in a much more better way.

      • TheGadgetGuy

        DITTO exactly superb. Thanks a lot .

    • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus tick system only and leave all others unchecked.

  • TheGadgetGuy

    Same for me. Even the recovery is not coming up. I can have either C6902_14.4.A.0.108 Rooted one Or the Unrooted C6902_14.5.A.0.242. I can not root 14.5.A.0.242. After following all steps, the recovery get corrupt and there is bootloop. If I flash a fresh 14.5.A.0.242, there is neither root nor recovery.

    • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus after you’re getting in to a bootloop, flash the once agian and then perform a factory reset, after that flash again. Good Luck.

      • TheGadgetGuy

        Well while I am in bootloop, the recovery is not coming up. I kept pressing the down key and the up key and the both , all combinations failed.I simply can not get into recovery from bootloop.

      • TheGadgetGuy

        In bootloop the recovery never comes up for me. I had to install cwm recovery from fastbooot and then flashed flashable and did factory reset+wipe cache+wipe delvik Cache . Installed SuperSu.Rebooted. Again same bootloop.

        • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus you’re doing something wrong.
          Please read the whole guide once again and then apply step to step procedure.

  • Muhammad Khamis

    in step 3 number D
    I can’t enter custom recovery
    there are video to do it ?
    how do it ? with USB cable or no ? with Flashtool or no ?
    Thank you

    • @muhammadkhamis:disqus no, you only need to boot the phone and then press volume up + down to boot into recovery .
      or else connect your in fastboot mode
      and apply the command: adb reboot recovery
      Good Luck.

      • Muhammad Khamis

        i did that but no enter in recovery mode
        when turn off device and press volume up and volume down the device enter in safe mode
        there are other explication

        • @muhammadkhamis:disqus Have you downgraded and rooted + flashed recovery properly?

  • @disqus_o0TlzDkzPg:disqus flash a stock firmware and recover your device first of all. After that I’ll let you know what to do.
    I’m pretty sure that you’ve done something wrong while following the procedure.

    • TheGadgetGuy

      I have installed C6902_14.5.A.0.242 but root is not properly installed. Can you guide me how to fix this now?

  • Jordan Hoe

    I was stuck in a boot at Step 3(g). I had tried boot in to recovery, install -> factory reset ->wipe cache + delvik cache then flash, but my phone still cant reboot properly.

    • @jordanhoe:disqus please see the featured comment or go through other comments to find out where you did wrong and how to recover this.

  • GenkiSmurf

    After flashing the pre rooted zip i made… do i need to reboot the system or turn it off?

    • @genkismurf:disqus after flashing you will boot your phone in flashmode and then flash ftf.

  • Nagdy Talal

    This is the proper way to flash the .ftf at step (m).
    Please update your thread or upvote this comment so people don’t get a bootloop -if it has rating system-

    • @nagdytalal:disqus thank you for posting it here. I’ve upvoted it.

    • Quesito35

      Why brands BASEBAND?, I did not mark it (only I scored SYSTEM) and works perfectly. thanks

    • graviermiel

      @nagdytalal:disqus Thanks! I was stuck in a boot loop!
      Flashed the zip again and ticked SYSTEM plus BASEBAND, works great!

  • Fraymen14

    I got a problem I did enything in the Discription but now I don’t have root access

    • @fraymen14:disqus flash file once again and update it after flashing. Good Luck

  • Muhammad Khamis

    all done. thank you very much

  • Ernesto De La Horra

    I have a problem. The phone turn on and turn off constantly after flashing 242tft. only appears in the screen “sony xperia” and reboot again

    • @ernestodelahorra:disqus
      Please follow the guide carefully.
      Also, try going through the comments and see how others resolved this issue.

  • faizal

    After prerooting installation throught recovery mode my fone cant boot, repetitive Sony logo appears

    • Nagdy Talal

      After flashing the “” you have to completely turn off your phone by pressing vol+ and power button together for 3~5 seconds untill your phone vibrates 3 times.
      Now boot your phone into flash mode and flash the .ftf file.
      Make sure to tick BASEBAND and SYSTEM in the Exclude menu.

  • faizal

    thank you!! almost done

  • can i root like this whitout unlocking the bootloader?

  • my device isn’t turn on. it is boot looping.i flashed with .108 and .242 to fix it. yet it isn’t worked. i can’t even go to recover mode to reset the phone. can you help me. it is urgent.

    Thank You!

  • Jomar Bayubay

    I’ve done everything in this tutorial and it works fine.But I’ve been having some issue on xmodgames when I install the app and run it there was an error “Checked: this device is not rooted” but in the root checker it said the I have a rooted device. Maybe xmod is having some issue with supersu. Is there a way that I can install Kinguser instead of supersu?

  • Dattaraj Samant

    where is flashable rom located?

    • @dattarajsamant:disqus you have to create it. the method is explained above.

  • @dattarajsamant:disqus open the link and find the recovery here: XZDualRecovery > XZDualRecovery 2.8.14

    • Dattaraj Samant

      thanks alot.. everthings done..!!

  • ForXperia Z1 C6903 Locked Bootloader follow these steps and get the root without bootloop! Pin This…

    1. downgrade the the 5.0.2 to .108 by flashing as mentioned in this post.
    2. then root also like in the post.
    3. then download the flashable zip and copy it into internal storage.
    4. then install xzdualrecovery and it will restart automatically. when the phone on it will automatically redirect into xzdualrecovery(dont press any volume key).then select install and select flashable zip file in internal will flash the pre rooter 5.0.2 firmware. then don’t restart just select power off by going to reboot in the menu.
    5. then open flashtool and select .242(with the settings of comment image). then connect usb by pressing volume down and flash.
    6. now turn on the phone after flashed was finished. now you go it baby..

    Note: don’t use clockwodmod recovery, it will put your phone into bootloop problem.

    i tried 4 times and figure out how to root 5.0.2. this is my steps. and it works…

    Thank you all!!

    • DE L TA

      @Chathula Sampath I already have a rooted Xperia Z1 C6902 kitkat version with locked bootloader…Should i upgrade to lollipop then downgrade again and follow ur steps?Plz post a link for flashable zip ?

      • You can get pre rooted zip file from here and flash using it.then flash again using flashtool.all the files is in this it.

    • Hilman Archer

      how to install stepno4

    • Hilman Archer

      hye @chathulasampath:disqus how do install xzdualrecovery

    • Nick Nicholas

      All works perfect after several times i did try to flash the prerooted zip but my phone was stuck in bootloop, i read this instructions i follow them and now i have lollipop prerooted, the only thing until now so far is the Update/ Install the previous softwares i have downloaded from playstore….it downloading up to 5 then nothing happens, i must restart my mobile to download another 3-5 and so on….this is only thing veird…but yeah Thanks for explications.

  • Atik

    Thanks guys, I finally did it on my 12th time have been trying for last 3days. 🙂

  • Hilman Archer

    help me pless urgent…. i cannot turn on phone after do pre rooted. my fon stuck at sony logo only@usamamujtaba:disqus

    • @hilmanarcher:disqus you need to flash stock ftf excluding system. Please read the guide once again carefully.

  • Upendra Pradhan

    I have updated my Xperia z1 (c6902) to lollipop…i have downloaded 4.3ftf file so is it possible to downgrade from lollipop to jellybean??? Or again i have to download 4.4.4 firmware???? Very much confused????
    Must reply….t

    • @upendrapradhan:disqus yes, you can downgrade directly.

  • @kkayemm:disqus thank you for the feed back. Stay connected 🙂

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