Root & Install TWRP Recovery On Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Running Android Lollipop

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 has started receiving the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update. New update has brought a lot of changes go the device.  Android 5.0.2 Lollipop has a completely new UI, new features include notifications on lock-screen, multi-user and guest modes and etc. It also turned out to be the biggest update in the history of Android yet. Keeping in view the changes and goodies in this new firmware, Galaxy Tab S 8.4 users won’t be able to resist themselves from updating their device to the all new Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. If you’re planning to update your device and you want to check out what your device is capable of running this latest and greatest Android version, you will need to gain the root access.

Rooting your device will allow you to bring all the root-required applications on it. You will be able to modify your device, apply different tweaks and enhance its performance to a greater extent. Rooting is recommended for Android power users, if you’re a novice user, you may proceed if you’re confident about it, otherwise you may not root your device.  The methods to root Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SM-T700, T705 & T707 are available now. If you’ve already updated your device and now you need to root it now, you may follow this guide to the letter. We are about to root and install TWRP recovery our beloved Galaxy Tab S T700, T705 & T707 running official Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. We will use Odin3 to flash the file that contains both, root and recovery for Galaxy Tab S 8.4. We will go through some precautions and early preparations to make the method safe and secure. Let’s move forwards now.SMT700-White

Following are some precautions and early preparations.

  • This guide is only for Galaxy Tab S 8.4, the variants listed below.
    • Root & Install TWRP Recovery On Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SM-T700/SM-T705/SM-707 Running Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
  • Do not try this method on any other smart phone. Doing so will brick your device. Check your device’s model number in settings > system > about device.
  • Make sure that your phone is charged at least over 50%.
  • Use only original data cable to connect your phone to your PC.
  • Backup your important contacts, call logs, sms messages and media content. This is recommended in case something goes wrong, you will still have all of your data safe and secure.
  • While using Odin3, turn off Samsung KIES, any Antivirus or Firewalls if active.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device. To do so, you need to enable developer options first by going to settings > system > about device > tap build number for 7 times. Once you’ve the developer options enabled under settings > system > developer options > enable USB debugging.

Disclaimer: The methods involved in flashing custom recoveries, roms and rooting your phone are highly custom and may result in bricking your device, and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturer that is SAMSUNG in our case. Also rooting your device will void its warranty and you will be no longer eligible for any kind of free device services by the manufacturers/warranty providers. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.

Required Downloads & Installations

How To Root & Install TWRP Recovery On Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Running Android Lollipop

  1. Put your Galaxy Tab S 8.4 in download mode. To do so, turn it off completely. Now turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power Key. Once it boots up and shows warning, press Volume Up to continue.
  2. Now open Odin3 v3.10.6.exe file on your PC.
  3. Click on “AP” tab in Odin and select the CF-Autoroot.tar file that you got after downloaded.
  4. Let Odin load the file and connect your phone to your PC in the meanwhile.
  5. If Auto-reboot option is unticked in your Odin, tick it. Leave all other options untouched.Odin 3.10.6 Explained_Techbeasts
  6. As soon as Odin has detected your phone in download mode, the “ID:COM” box on the top-right corner will turn blue.
  7. Now click on the Start button. Odin will start flashing the Auto-Root file.
  8. As soon as the flashing ends, your phone will reboot.
  9. Once it has booted up, check out the SuperSu application in the app drawer. If it asks you to update SU binary, update it.
  10.  Also install BusyBox from Play Store.
  11. Verify root access using Root Checker.
  12. That’s all. You’re now set to unleash the open source nature of Android.

Just in case you’re facing any difficulties following this procedure or you’re stuck with something, feel free to reach me out in the comment box below. Thank you.

Credit:  ashyx

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  • @ariel_charles:disqus thanks for letting us know. The link has been fixed.

    • Ariel Charles

      Thanks Usama! It works perfectly, I just flashed the ROM and lollipop + galaxy tab s = perfect!
      The battery life is much better than kitkat and the Gapps are more stable than before.


      Saludos desde Mexico.

      • @ariel_charles:disqus thank you for the feedback. Stay connected with us 🙂

        • CMMC

          Thank you, worked perfectly on SM-T700.

  • @mistergintonic:disqus if you have stock recovery, try flashing it and see if it recovers. If you don’t have it, then flash stock firmware, it will be fixed.

    In the meanwhile I’ll find a fix for this deep sleep issue and update you soon.

  • Cleiderson Diniz

    Thanks Usama! Worked here with my T700, greetings from Brazil =)

  • Renato Gimenez

    Thanks from Brazil!!!

  • Erik Gielen

    Great work Usama but it seems the link for the T700 doesn’t work (anymore). Any alternative links?

    Cheers mate!

    • Dennis K

      Did you get it working?
      Planning to root a friends T700 in the next few days.

  • Andrei

    I followed all the steps and when I checked with the Root Checker Application this came up : “Sorry! Root acces is not properly installed on this device!” What is your advise in this situation?? Thank you!

    • @disqus_VIpeFL2xzN:disqus update supersu binary. Simply open the application, it will ask you to update. Once updated, reboot your device and check root access again. Good Luck.

  • Andrei

    Never mind, fixed it!! Thanks a lot! Very helpful and very well explained!!!

  • 구본철

    sm-t707a is possible?

    odin says

    nand write start

    what can i do?

    • @disqus_CJixG77x6O:disqus use the recovery for T705 on your T707a and see if it works or not.

  • @disqus_CJixG77x6O:disqus enable usb debugging mode on your device and follow the method again.

  • @marmaangel:disqus flashing stock firmware will unroot your device.

  • Dirk

    Will it trip Knox, or will it leave Knox to 0x0000?

  • @iddpro:disqus that’s download mode. Please follow the instructions written above carefully. After putting in download mode, you’ve to flash recovery and root your phone.

  • Paul Bourque

    didn’t work for my sn-t700 5.0.2 It stucks on Downloading… Do not turn off target !!
    ID:COMM never changed color (Odin never connected)

    My tab is recongnized by all other soft that I now including Kies

    • @paul_bourque:disqus that means Odin isn’t detecting your device. Please install drivers properly and make sure you’re using a working data cable.

  • Paul Bourque

    Didn’t work on my galaxy tab s sm-t700
    Stuck on downloding!!! and Odin never connect

    • @paul_bourque:disqus that’s not stuck. After your phone is in downloading mode, you’ve to connect it and flash the firmware. Make sure that you’ve installed the drivers properly prior to this.

      • Paul Bourque

        You are right
        I got really hard time to install drivers that Odin recognize.
        Once Odin recognized the tablet in normal connection mode (mtp) but didn’t connect after reboot in download mode.
        The most important is that now the tablet is rooted,
        Now I keep my eyes open in case someone find a solution to reset knox
        Many thanks


        • @paul_bourque:disqus that’s a good news 🙂 Stay connected with us 🙂

  • David Dragneel

    Hi, can i still get software update after rooting my TAB S?

    • @david_dragneel:disqus you will have to update manually then.

  • 905jay

    excellent! thanks

  • @disqus_AqP8pw7tXm:disqus Tick the auto-reboot option.
    You’ve probably extracted the file, you do not have to extract it. Just download the file and load it as it is in Odin.
    You will find the main .tar file in AP tab.

    • mike law

      Thanks a lot!

  • 윤장현

    I’t not working on my device(SM-T707V)
    Odin was failed with “unsupport dev_tyep” message on my device.
    I searched a lot for this error but I could’t find any solution.
    Do you have any idea for this error?

    • @disqus_xJrQYFFBwP:disqus The files listed here are not for T707V. I’ll look for the files and update soon. Stay tuned.

      • 윤장현

        Root+TWRP Recovery For SM-707

        this file is not for T707V??

        • @disqus_xJrQYFFBwP:disqus No. Its for standard SM-707 variant.

          • 윤장현

            Thanks for your kind reply.
            I will wait your update for T707V
            and please let me know If you need any test on T707V I will assist you.
            many thanks.

          • 윤장현

            Thanks for your kind reply.
            I will wait your update.
            Add, Please let me know If you need test device I will assist you


  • Randall

    I wouldn’t try it, I have ATT tablet and get into error every single time is the T-707 . I dont know why lie and say it works !

    • @disqus_R7mqkLUG2H:disqus the guide is for non-carrier phones. This won’t work with Att tablet. Have we mentioned that it works with Att model? Probably no.

      • Randall

        This was viral information the post should have clearly specify thank you

  • Adrian Szyłak

    Im not a gay but i love you! OMG YOU ARE GOD OF MY LIFE! Work perfectly with

    my Galaxy Tab S LTE(SM-T705)(5.0.2)(T705ZHU1BOD3)

  • mfcordova2007

    usama m

    all i can say is wow your method was way to easy love it
    just picked up a galaxy tab s 32gb
    and rooted with in 5 min. and no hesitation on the root my man you are a genius on this.
    simple easy and no troubles thanks

  • Ibrahim Niyi

    odin didnt detect my device so i click start and he detect it and reboot automatically but till now , message is android is upgrading: starting apps,
    its taking too long, what do i do?

    • @ibrahimniyi:disqus did you add the file using AP tab? You need to add the file to flash as well. Please read the guide once again carefully.

  • Victor

    I followed all the steps, but I am stuck at the updating su binary part. If i choose the normal option, it loads for a while and then says installation failed. How do I update the binary?

    • @disqus_FftydmnPfn:disqus Uninstall SuperSu from your phone using Application Manager. Install SuperSu from Play Store again. Your issue will be resolved.

      • Victor

        I can’t completely uninstall it. I can only uninstall the updates and I have tried doing that.

  • shani

    i use Root+TWRP Recovery For SM-707 file on my att version t707a but nand write fail and my tab not properly start,kies [pc] not detect and plz help me

    • @disqus_0fA56hCZn7:disqus the file is not meant to be for T707A.

  • shani

    plz root files for t707a

  • Joshua Cooper

    Excellent tutorial. I don’t consider myself a pro rooter, but even for a intermediate who hasn’t used it in a while this was fantastic and was a great reminder.

  • Andrew Golding

    I tried doing this as well, The Link for the 707 goes to the 705 page. I seemed to have bricked the device not noticing the failure until it was to late. Do you know of a way to reinstall the old firmware?

  • @JamesPCFIX:disqus This guide is about Root and Recovery. I’m not sure which Gapps you flashed over what ROM. According to what seems to be the issue here, it might be something with your ROM or with the file itself. Try wiping cache and dalvik cache. Let me know if it helps or not.

  • @disqus_KEI43CXwBW:disqus clear cache/dalvik cache and reboot again.

    • Fernando Peña

      Didn’t work, I had to flash stock ROM and retry this again, now running it without problems, thanks!

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