Root Sony Xperia SP C5302/C5303 12.1.A.1.205 Firmware [How To – Guide]

Sony Xperia SP has been updated to a new firmware based on the build number 12.1.A.1.205, while the core remains the same as Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The new update fixes some performance and stability issues, battery charging time has been improved, screen flickering and some other bugs have been fixed. If you happen to be  Xperia SP owner and an Android power user, who recently updated to this latest firmware, you might be wondering how you can gain the root access on this new firmware and make your Xperia SP fly high once again.

Well, that’s what we are here for. In the following post we are going to gain root Sony Xperia SP C5302/C5303 running latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean 12.1.A.1.205 firmware. You just need to follow this comprehensive guide carefully and break the jails on your device. Before we head towards the rooting instructions, let’s first go through a brief introduction of the root access in order to clear the confusions that the newbies may have.Xperia SP

Rooting your phone gives you complete access over all the data which is apparently locked by the manufacturers. This includes removal of the factory restrictions and making changes to the internal system and the operating system. Gaining the root access gives you the privileges to install various applications to enhance the performance of your device, allows you to remove the built-in applications/programs, helps you to upgrade the battery life of your device & install the apps which require the root access for the proper functionality and modify your device in so many other ways e.g using mods and custom roms. By installing custom recovery, you can flash custom roms in the phone easily. Custom recovery also let’s you backup your current rom and restore it in case of any mishap. There is a laundry list of things you can do after having your device rooted and installed the custom recovery, now once you’re rooted and have installed custom recovery, go ahead and enjoy it on your phone. Here’s our collection of 10 Best Root Apps.

Here are pre-rooting instructions:

  1. This guide is only for Sony Xperia SP C5303 or C5302. Do not try this on any other model, please check your device’s mode in Settings > About Device.
  2. The Root instructions are only for Sony Xperia SP C5303 or C5302 running latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean 12.1.A.1.205 firmware. Check your firmware version in Settings > About Device and make sure that it matches the one mentioned here.
  3. Please make sure that your phone’s battery is charged at least over 60%. This is highly recommended in order to prevent any power issues during the recovery flashing process.
  4. Backup each and everything on your Android phone as follows:
  5. Backup all your important contacts, find the full guide here.
  6. Backup all your important sms messages, find the full guide here.
  7. Backup all your important call logs, find the full guide here.
  8. Backup all your important media content manually. (Copy to your PC.)
  9. Backup all your apps / data. If you’ve rooted your device, use Titanium Backup to do so. Follow the full guide here.
  10. Backup your current system using a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) if you’ve flashed one. This is recommended in case something goes wrong with rooting your phone, you can use the custom recovery and return to the old working state of your system.
  11. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and applied all precautionary measures. Let’s go ahead.

Disclaimer: The methods involved in flashing custom roms and rooting your phone are highly custom and may result in bricking your device, and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturer that is SONY in our case. Also rooting your device will void its warranty and you will be no longer eligible for any kind of free device services by the manufacturers/warranty providers. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.

How To Root Xperia SP C5302/C5303 Running 12.1.A.1.205 Firmware:

  1. Open Sony Flashtool now.
  2. Connect your Xperia SP to your PC now. Make sure that the connection is up to the mark.
  3. Hit the smart lightening button on the right upper left side and select “Fastboot Mode.”.
  4. On the right side, click on “Reboot Device into Fastboot Mode.”
  5. If this doesn’t work for you, manually put your device into Fastboot Mode and connect it to your PC. To do so, turn off your Xperia device and now connect to your PC while keeping the Volume Up key pressed. As soon your PC detects your device,the blue LED will turn on showing fastboot mode.
  6. Now click on “Select Kernel to flash”.
  7. In the format selection, by default it will be “*.sin”. Change it to *.elf.
  8. Now select the DoomLord Advanced Stock Kernel.elf file that you downloaded first of all and flash it.
  9. This kernel will flash CWM recovery in your device. Disconnect your device now.
  10. Turn it on, as soon as you see the Sony Logo, press Volume – Key 5 to 6 times and you should see the CWM recovery interface now.
  11. Go to Mount/Storage and press Mount System if required.
  12. As soon as the system is mounted, choose install zip > choose zip from sd card > that you placed on your phone in the 2nd step and flash it.
  13. As soon as is flashed, turn off your device by keeping the power key pressed for a while or pulling out the battery. Don’t reboot it. [v.important]
  14. Now connect your device in fastboot mode once again.
  15. Open Flashtool once again > Click on small lightening button > Fastboot mode > Select Kernel to Flash.
  16. By default it will be *.sin format, so locate the file Stock Kernel.sin file for your device  that you downloaded and flash it.
  17. Once kernel flashing is complete, reboot your device.
  18. Phewww! You’re rooted, locate SuperSu in app drawer.
  19. You can also verify root access by installing Root Checker app from Google Play store.
  20. That’s all!

We hope that you find this guide helpful. In case you got any queries or you are facing any difficulties, feel free to stop by the comment box below and drop us your words. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks all!

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  • Shaardul Mandlekar

    do i need to unlock bootloader from sony website before this process you have mentioned or does the process unlocks it for me?? I am new to this and would appreciate a little guidance

  • veliouras

    please note tha your link to super file does not work

    • onoff

      if you manually cut the first part of url it will work!

  • onoff

    it is not possible to flash kernel in fastboot mode (point 8 of your guide), flasher says:
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_EKXlBXsghj:disqus that means you must unlock the bootloader of your device first.

      • Too much to lose by unlocking the bootloader; no alternatives?

        • @KoKaSparK:disqus if unlocking bootloader is the requirement, then there probably is no other way.

  • Julisosns

    superSu link ????/

  • Usama Mujtaba

    Here’s the working SuperSu link:

  • Faraz Kharral

    your every single instruction is 100% correct bro…really appreciate your effort 🙂 GOD BLESS u
    kindly also post some articles about installing (efficient) custom roms for this phone like 4.4 kitkat

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @farazkharral:disqus that’s a great suggestion, I surely will do the research and make a post on that. Thank you for the appreciation, stay connected with us.

    • Sohail Ahmed (AOKP DEV)

      What? 100% correct? Oh boy, whats wrong with you people. Okay ill point out the flaws.

      Backup all your apps / data. If you’ve rooted your device, use Titanium Backup to do so. Follow the full guide here.(Why the hell will our device be rooted when this guide is about rooting itself. Everybody is looking at this guide to root the device but according to OP, we have already rooted our device.)

      As soon as is flashed, turn off your device by keeping the power key pressed for a while or pulling out the battery(OP Xperia SP doesn’t have an open battery :/)

      As soon as the system is mounted, choose install zip > choose zip from sd card > that you placed on your phone in the 2nd step and flash it. (It is not necessary to install SuperSU)

      • Usama Mujtaba

        @sohailahmedaokpdev:disqus Its a matter of acceptance buddy. We live in a word where we point mistakes and waste our times, that is not actually meant to be done. The post mentions that its a precaution, only if you;ve already rooted your device. Why the hell do you need to point it out, I guess you gotta go back to your primary school and learn the English. 2ndly, we mention the steps with the best possibilities. Learning a few things doesn’t make you someone superior, and the world is not moving ahead because of such idiots, who are always trying to pull the legs. Step mentions “OR” or means the step is ultimate for guides for Samsung and other devices on our site. IDIOT!!! Enough Said!

        • Usama Mujtaba

          Sohail Ahmed (AOKP DEV) and the so called, FAKE AOKP DEV. Not found on the AOKP team link:

      • @sohailahmedaokpdev:disqus
        Well if he’s saying everything worked for him just fine, then there’s no need for you to deny it, out of nowhere.
        Secondly, about apps backup, the writer means if you had root in previous firmware, make a backup of those applications and restore in new firmware. I do that all the time using Titanium Backup 🙂
        And in this case, SuperSU is required, since the recovery alone does not install it and I have tried to install recovery, use its root option and then install SuperSU from Play Store, didn’t work.
        Anyone can make a mistake (Since we are so lucky to be humans :D)
        Since you are a Dev (I don’t see why you have to publicize this) but developers tend to be more of a helping hand than being sarcastic and “not appreciating” if someone’s helping someone else. I hope you understand my point. 🙂

  • vasu

    Can i install this CWM in 12.1.a.1.205??

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_HxQuqxkwS0:disqus this is a method to root only, CWM is not available, however you can use the CWM steps in this guide to use it for a short time, after that you can flash a stock kernel.

      • vasu

        I was asking for CWM for installing Cyanogenmod 11 can i install it through it..
        Or there is other method also.. Like installing it from flashtool… If yes can you tell me how??..

        • Usama Mujtaba

          @disqus_HxQuqxkwS0:disqus give it a try, i think you can install through this, because CM 11 will have its kernel.

  • Patrick

    Broken dowload

  • Patrick

    Sony FlashTool, is a program of sony? Please, this is what I doubt.

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_NuqxKQmQOQ:disqus No. Flashtool is an unofficial program.

      • Patrick

        where do I download it?

      • Patrick

        is emma?

  • MahmodDoumany

    It does work
    Note : BootLoader should be UNLOCKED

  • parin randeri

    I hv rooted my Xperia using above method. Now in about the phone build number is showing 12.1.A.1.205 which is latest updates by Sony but in update center system update showing to 12.1.A.1.205 which is already installed ..Now, When I connect to PC Companion it show your phone version 12.1.A.1.201 & update to 12.1.A.1.205 … confused here already in about the phone build number showing 12.1.A.1.205 & pc companion showing 12.1.A.1.201. Now, from update center I tried to download & install update version then “system update fail” error shows..

    Anybody can Help here???

    • @parinranderi:disqus if your phone and the connection is working fine, you can simply ignore what PC companion is telling you. There is no need to worry about it, if there comes an update in future you can flash it using flashtool.

  • @KoKaSparK:disqus

    • My SP’s Version : C5302 12.1.A.1.205

      1. Downloaded unofficial flashtool.
      2. installed drivers for flashtool.
      3. “Reboot Device into Fastboot Mode.” didn’t work, so did it manually => by pressing volume up key -> blue light after USB plug-in.
      4. When I tried to push “DoomLord Advanced Stock Kernel.elf“, it said Error: device needs to be rooted.

  • Malik Shahid

    hi bro, my xperia sp c5303 android 4.3 is all good, but having problem with its upper touch, about a month back, but in between when i connect it with the pc and touch it after that touch works fine for a day, then again the same problem, now that option is not working as well. could you please tell me the reason and the solution of it.
    thanks in advance looking forward for your reply.

    • @disqus_m3X3LUU5vL:disqus try flashing a new and clean stock firmware on your device, it might get fixed.

  • Nace

    The link doesn’t work for SP_DooMLoRD_AdvStkKernel_FW-201_v03.elf

    Can someone please upload it?


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