Root and Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 2016 [T813N/T819N]

Galaxy Tab S2 received an update earlier in 2016. We are not talking about the software update, the Tab S2 actually got a hardware update. Samsung released a successor of the Tab S2 8.0 and 9.7 almost 2 months back. The refreshed version carried a Quad Core Snapdragon 652 64-bit CPU accompanied by a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. An external mircoSD card slot was also there. The refresh version carried the same 8 MP shooter at the back and a 2.1 MP shooter on the front. Another notable update was the software of this device. The 2016 9.7-inch Tab S2 ran on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box while the original Tab S2 was still running on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

It didn’t take long for the developers to void the boundaries of the 2016 Galaxy Tab S2. Good news for Android power users with a Tab S2 2016 came out quite early. This device has already been rooted and flashed with a custom recovery. The latest version of TWRP recovery i.e. TWRP 3.0.2-1 made its way to the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 and 8.0 (2016 editions). In case you own this device, it maybe the time for you to start tweaking it and get the best out of it. As you scroll down, you will come across a comprehensive guide to flash TWRP recovery and then root your 2016 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 SM-T813N (Wi-Fi only) and SM-T819N (LTE) running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Before installing the recovery and rooting the phone, we will apply some precautions to make sure that we are keeping the process and device safe and sound.


  • This guide is only for the devices mentioned above. Do not try this on any other device.
  • Charge your device up to 50%.
  • Use original data cable to establish connection between your PC and your phone.
  • Backup your important data as a safety measure. Use the backup guides linked below.
    • Backup SMS Messages
    • Backup Call Logs
    • Backup Contacts
    • Backup Media – Copy your files manually to your PC or Laptop. We will have to go through multiple wipes while flashing TWRP and rooting this device. Backup your data before hand to avoid any issues later on.
  • Follow this guide to the letter to avoid any mishap.


Required Downloads:

Install TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy 2016 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

  1. Open Odin3 V3.10.6.exe that you extracted on your PC.
  2. Enable OEM Unlock on your 2016 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. To do so on your phone, go to settings > about device > tap the build number for 7 times to enable developer options. Get back to the settings and open developer options. Under developer options turn on “OEM unlock.
  3. Put your 2016 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 in download mode now. To do so, turn it off completely. Now turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power Key. Once your phone boots up, press the Volume Up key to continue.
  4. Connect your phone to your PC now. The ID:COM box in the top-left corner of Odin3 should  turn blue. This indicates that your phone is connected properly.
  5. Now click the “AP” tab in Odin and select the TWRP recovery.tar file that you downloaded. It will take a second or two for Odin3 to load this file.
  6. Make sure that your Odin3 looks like this. The only option ticked should be F. Reset Time.

  7. Odin 3.10.6 Explained_Techbeasts
  8. Once the process box above ID:COM box shows green light and flashing process is finished, disconnect your device.
  9. Now turn off your device properly as we are going to boot into recovery mode.
  10. Now turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power Key. This will boot your device in recovery mode. It should be TWRP recovery that you just installed.
  11. Now in TWRP Recovery, tap Wipe > Format Data to remove encryption. This will erase your device completely.
  12. Now tap “Wipe > Format Data > type “yes” to formate data. This is important to disable encryption. This step will factory reset your phone, so make sure that you’ve backed up the entire data at hand.
  13. Now go back to the main menu in TWRP Recovery and tap “Reboot > Recovery”. This will once again reboot your phone in TWRP.
  14. Now make sure that you’ve copied the and files in external SD Card or USB OTG, if not then transfer both these files to your external SD Card by using MTP mode in TWRP now. Once you’ve the files, tap “Install > locate the according to the location where you copied > flash it”.
  15. Now once again tap “Install > locate the file > flash it”.
  16. Once done flashing, reboot your phone to system.
  17. That’s all. You’re rooted and have a TWRP recovery installed.
  18. Once flashed, tap the Reboot > System option from the main TWRP screen. If TWRP asks you to root your device, cancel this option and proceed to the reboot.
  19. As it boots up, checkout the SuperSu in application drawer. Also install BusyBox from Play Store.
  20. Verify root access using Root Checker.
  21. That’s all. You’re now set to unleash the open source nature of Android.

Don’t forget to backup Nandroid now.

Stuck with anything? Reach us out through the comment box below!

Credits: Ahsyx 

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  • @disqus_NLhPTeCHpg:disqus when did it get stuck in downloaded screen? Before flashing recovery or after flashing recovery? Can you please explain it a little bit?

    • Please mention the exact model number of your Tab S2.

      • Mike

        Thanks usama. I got it worked out. Had to ref lash with factory flash. Tried it again and il all set. Again thanks anyhow

  • David Catapano

    I Usama. the tab is stuck in downloading screen.I tried 6 times but in download mode, after the pass of odin, the tablet does not stop.The last time I waited till the battery turns off by itself.Nothing to do. In recovery does not work neither twrp nor recovery stocks.Works only in download mode,then I reinstalled the stock firmware. My device is Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE SM-T819 T819XXU1APD5.Any advice? Thanks for the help.

  • David Catapano

    I tried 6 times but in download mode, after the pass of odin, the tablet does not stop.The last time I waited till the battery turns off by itself.Nothing to do. In recovery does not work neither twrp nor recovery stocks. Works only in download mode.then I reinstalled the stock firmware. My device is: Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE, SM-T819 T819XXU1APD5. Thanks for the help. Any advice Usama ? Ciao

    • @davidcatapano:disqus The tab come back into the Download Screen again and again, is this what you exactly mean?

      • @davidcatapano:disqus Perform a factory reset and try flashing the recovery again, it should help.

      • David Catapano

        I did the flash twrp in download mode without any problem. Pass by odin. But the tablet will not turn off, and then I have to Flash again twrp leaving “auto reboot” active, because otherwise always stays in download mode without turning off. I mean I can’t go into recovery mode and when I succeed is because I restarted the tablets (what not to do because I had to turn it off before). So recovery shows me a black screen and not working neither twrp that recovery stocks. I already did a factory reset. I tried again to make the flash of twrp but with the same result. The tablet will not turn off. Sorry but I don’t speak much English so I help with the automatic translator. I hope that’s clear enough.

  • David Catapano

    I have the same problem. Remains stuck in download mode and will not turn off by pressing and holding. I also did a factory reset but But nothing has changed. Remains stuck in download mode. I hold down the power button but does not shut down. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks for the help

    • @davidcatapano:disqus The guide explained above has the boot image files that are supposed to be flashed as well. Please have a look and make sure that you’ve applied all instructions properly.

  • David Catapano

    I Usama. Now everything is ok. I have a twrp recovery but there is another problem: the wifi does not work. By clicking on the button to launch the wifi, it won’t turn on. The mobile data network is ok, no problem but the wifi doesn’t work. Any advice? Sorry to bother you.

  • David Catapano

    I forgot to tell you that it doesn’t work also the wifi router.

    • @davidcatapano:disqus Are you still having this issue or you’ve already resolved?

  • @davidcatapano:disqus Recently I update the whole guide with some new instructions added. Give it a read and let me know if its helpful. The guide had some steps missing which were not available previously, the developer added them later on and so did we. Have a look and let me know 🙂

  • Martin Massicotte

    Hi there, the wifi wont turn on everything else works fine. can u help me plz SM-T813 thanks

    • @martinmassicotte:disqus Try clearing cache and dalvik cache, let me know if it works or not.

  • @davidcatapano:disqus I’ve updated the new Boot.img files, flashing the new boot files worked for @martinmassicotte:disqus and solved these issues.
    You too should flash the latest files linked above, that will resolve the issue. Best of luck.

    • David Catapano

      The new Boot.img files works perfectly. Now I have no problem. Thanks for help

  • @martinmassicotte:disqus Thanks for letting me know, I’ve also updated the files above.
    You can use this guide to install Xposed:

  • Leon

    When I try to enter recovery mode, the screen says loading recovering at the top but after it turns black and keeps flickering. Is this normal?

    • Viggen R

      samething happening to me, did you find a fix yet?

    • @disqus_rHN9ohWr2h:disqus Please follow the guide carefully. Pickup the boot.img file carefully for your device and flash it. The method has worked for some users as you can see that in the comments, I also updated the post. You need to perform it carefully.

  • Hans Oude Vrielink

    Everything goes well but at point 10 I’ve the problem that I can’t switch off my Tab with the Power button. It does nothing, no matter how long I press it. The only thing I can do is to restart the Tab with the Volume Down + Home + Power Key. How to solve this problem?

  • Javier Echeverria

    its says that there is not a os installed at the reboot,and in teh reboot las part at the corner says Set Warranty Bit: Kernel help!

    • @disqus_qNSF4RqEcG:disqus Did it happen after trying to flash the TWRP recovery? If so then flash the stock firmware to recovery it.

      • Javier Echeverria

        alredy fixe 😀 , i made a mistake at the installation , saved by the backup

  • @disqus_3NJiLk6I5S:disqus I’ll look for this build and link it here shortly.

  • Thomas Neuber

    Flash the T813XXU1APF4_no_encryptable_boot.tar in Odins AP-Tab or in the BL-Tab?

  • Logidelic

    I’ve got the SM-T813 and followed these steps, finally flashing with T813XXU1APF4_no_encryptable_boot.tar. Unfortunately, after flashing it seems that wifi is no longer working (it won’t let me flip it to on). What might this mean? It was working just fine before the flash. How would I go back to the stock firmware?


    • @logidelic:disqus The guide has been updated. Please follow the new method, flash the new files and you should be good to go with it. Let me know how it goes for you.

  • @sergioortsmartnez:disqus yes it is this file.

  • can i do this without wiping my data?

  • Razor

    Follow instructions to a T…cannot boot into TWRP, just goes into stock recovery. Is the version of Odin correct for T813 running Marshmallow?

    • @disqus_YHdqljMSYl:disqus You can try using a different Odin and see if it works. Let me know how it goes.

      • Razor

        Worked fine after all. In Odin turned on Auto Restart. Just gotta be fast with the buttons. Thanks.

  • Ayrton

    Hi. I have a T813, did every step perfectly and now it’s stuck on the reboot screen!

  • MocsabKcid

    have tried this with several different ODINs – and on reboot, all I get is stock recovery – if TWRP had flashed, stock recovery wouldn’t be there any more – I just bought the Tab S2 yesterday, Jan 2017 and I wonder if samsung did something with latest firmware to prevent this from working? Wonder if a new version of TWRP is needed?

  • @player_slayer:disqus Flash a new stock fimrware on your phone and flash the recover afterwards. BTW this recovery is for T813N, is your model number T813N or T813?

    • Player Slayer

      Ha! My mistake, my model is T813, the fact that this is for the T813N slipped on by. Thanks for the help

  • m2OnLin2

    When I start Odin it fails. In the log I see: “FAIL! SHA256 is invalid” and also a tip as seen in the picture :

    “Tips – How to download HOME binary
    OLD model: Download one binary “(Build_VER)_XXX_HOME.tar.md5″…
    NEW model: Download BL + AP + CP + HOME_CSC ”

    What does it mean ? How do I over come it ?

  • Mark MacIver

    I bought my Tab S2 SM-T813 from a store on ebay, they said it was a store return, and didn’t notice that the device was previously signed in with a google account (I didn’t think much about it, except that I could get it cheap, because the Tab E I previously bypassed the Google frp was a breeze! Not so with this one! I’ve tried so many variations I lost count! I can’t go in and set the dev options, or unlock the frp, because I cannot get into the tablet! I managed to get to a startup screen, selecting USA English, but the next screen, when I try to turn on wifi, the wifi turns back to off. If there was a 5.1.1 previously available for this, I’d like to get hold of it (kernel, bootloader, and firmware).

  • Jens Reinhardt

    Hello, my name is Jens, can someone help me? I am a German and understand little English. Sorry. I translate everything with Google Translater.
    My problem: I have the Samsung Tab S2 9.7 SM-T819, and had made a system update from Android 6 to Android 7. Now I had to determine the Android did not like me and wanted to bottle it back on Android 6. I have made a mistake (see photo). The tablet is stuck at this point and it can not be switched off anymore. What do I have to do now? Please help me, and please with photos if it is feasible. Thank you in advance.

  • Doug Bond

    Will this CF root on my older Galaxy Tab S2 T-813? The following is my device info:


    NAME: Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
    MODEL: SM-T813
    CODENAME: gts210vewifi









    BOARD: MSM8976
    BRAND: samsung
    CPU ABI: arm64-v8a
    FINGERPRINT: samsung/gts210vewifixx/gts210vewifi:7.0/NRD90M/T813XXU2BQD1:user/release-keys
    HARDWARE: qcom
    ID: NRD90M
    IS EMULATOR: false
    PRODUCT: gts210vewifixx
    SERIAL: 8e8564b702caf955
    SUPPORTED 32 BIT ABIS: armeabi-v7a, armeabi
    SUPPORTED 64 BIT ABIS: arm64-v8a
    SUPPORTED ABIS: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi
    TIME: 1491219023000
    TYPE: user

    Report generated using Root Check on Google Play


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