Hard and Soft Reset the Roku: [ How To ]

Roku is the best alternative for Cable TV, but it’s a hardware so you cannot say it’s perfect in every way. I have seen many people reporting about freezing issues, stuck at booting up and stuck on a “retrieving” screen. I find Roku way better than cable TV, so I thought why not help others to fix Roku issues by performing Hard and Soft Reset. Now let’s move to the method on how to Hard and Soft Reset the Roku.

roku remote not working

Hard and Soft Reset the Roku: [ How To ]:

Following are the different steps to Hard and Soft Reset the Roku, this will help you to Fix Roku remote not working and stuck on a “retrieving” screen.

Soft Reset:

You’ll not lose any data after performing soft reset.


  • Home 5 times
  • Up 1 time
  • Rewind 2 times
  • Fast Forward 2 times


  • select “Settings” > “System” > “Power” > “System restart“.

Reset Button:

  • Find the Reset button on the back of the device.
  • Once you located the reset button, use paper clip and press the button for 5 seconds. Now release the button.

Power Off:

If none of the above methods worked for you, remove the power cable from the device and wait for 30 seconds. Now plugin the power cable.

Hard Reset:

If soft reset didn’t bring any luck, maybe a hard reset will do the thing for you. But keep that in mind hard reset will erase everything from Roku device.

  • Settings” > “System” > “Advanced system settings” > “Factory reset“.
  • Settings” > “Factory reset” > “Factory reset” > “Yes“.

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