Remove My Device From Google Play Store [ Tips ]

Over time, the amount of Android devices you log into your account with increase, whether it be of yours, or your friend’s. With this in mind, Google stacks up device after device, creating a huge mess over time. Just try install an application from the web version of the Play Store, and you will find a ton of devices utterly useless to you in the list. In this guide, we will be having a look on how to remove my device from Google Play Store easily.

Follow our in-depth guide on how to remove my device from Google Play Store easily , and refer us in the comments below if you need any assistance.

How to Remove My Device From Google Play Store:


1. Launch Google Chrome on your desktop PC, and then head to the Google Play Store website.

remove device from Google Play

2. On the top-right corner, you’ll find an icon in the form of a gear. Click on that, and then click on Settings.

remove device from Google Play

3. From there, you will have a visual on the ‘My Devices’ section, by which you can see all of your recorded devices by the Google Play Store.

4. In order to hide the device from the common menus that you see, uncheck the box which reads ‘visibility’ next to the device in mind.

5. Do this for all the devices which you feel you don’t need anymore.

6. Once done, scroll all the way down, and click on ‘Update’.

Voila! You no longer need to struggle to find the right device to install an application, or do any task from the Google Play Store. If you have any doubts, that’s why the comments section for. For more content as such, stay tuned around our space.

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