Region-Lock an Ultimate Mistake, says Samsung- How to bypass

Samsung has finally admitted that its decision about the regional lock was a mistake. Samsung also says that they don’t plan to unlock the devices, but they sure will make efforts for optimising a thorough process which will make it easier for the consumers to bypass or tackle it.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Samsung has it newer phones region-locked which means that they cannot be used other than from the regions that they are intended for. American and European versions of the newer phones by Samsung do not support the usage of SIM cards from other regions, but there is one very interesting information that we find necessary providing you- this region-lock only applies for the very first SIM that you put into the device while the device setup.

This means that the first ever SIM that you put in the device during the setup process will decide whether your device gets locked or not. So putting in a foreign SIM card while setup will lock your phone to that region- thats what it actually means! Now, what you can do id put in a local SIM card during setup, the device will support any SIM card from that moment onward, regardless of the region. The region-lock is just to prevent the distribution of Galaxy devices to regions they weren’t intended for.


The region-lock was not only enforced on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as many believe. Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy  S4 mini, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 also have the restriction. The company  confesses that initially they did not believe that this will run counter to what they had planned for it and will ultimately prove out to be a mistake on their part. They say that they do plan to make it simpler for the users to switch SIM card on these devices by sorting out painstaking ways, but they DO NOT plan taking the restriction back.

Samsung also says that if some customer is VERY unhappy because of their device having been region-locked, they can call up the customer service centre and get it unlocked. Now that sounded very simple, didn’t it? But tell me, what happens when you call your internet connection provider and try to tell them that your internet is not working? You’ll have to go through the same loopholes in the case of your locked Galaxy device as well.

Anyway, we can’t blame Samsung for the restriction that it has enforced on the newer Galaxy devices as they might be just wanting to keep things bound when it comes to its devices being resold by resellers.

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  • Lobo

    How can you tell if your phone became region locked?

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_Ysj4JeUwQL:disqus your SIM card won’t work in a different region if it’s region locked.

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