Play Pokemon GO without moving in Android (No Root)

Pokemon Go took over the web like a storm and there is no stopping to it, now we all know in order to catch Pokemon you have to move a lot. What if you can play and catch Pokemon without moving. When you are using Android, you got many privileges and one of them is that you can use different mods while playing any game.

There are many Pokemon Go hacks surfacing the web created by various players who have tried different ways to beat the system. You can get your hands on different Pokemon Go Hacks for all mobile platforms. Now the one we’re gonna discuss today is for Non-Rooted devices. Keep that in mind Rooted Pokemon Go hack has more features then Non-rooted Hack.

If you are an average Android use the Non-Rooted Pokemon Go hack is best for you, because if you want to go with Root Pokemon GO Android hack then you’ll be required custom recovery and more. This method will work on any Android device, all you have to do is follow each step as mentioned below. Let’s start the method to Play Pokemon GO without moving in Android.

Pokemon Go Hack


Pokémon GO
Price: Free+
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Setup Pokemon GO GPS hack in Android (No Root):

Step 1. First, Download and install both Apps mentioned above.

Step 2. Open Settings->About Phone >activate Developer. [ Tap build number 7 times.]

Step 3. Head back to settings>Developer options. Now locate “Select mock location app” & select Fake GPS JoyStick (Earlier FlyGPS).

Step 4. Now head back to settings>Location & set GPS mode to High accuracy.

Step 5. Go back to home screen, launch Fake GPS app (Fly GPS) & now choose any location you want. All you have to do is click on the desired location and tap on map icon.

Step 6. When you click on the map icon, you’ll see a green icon on the map. Tap on Start.

Step 7. Head back to the app drawer, launch Pokemon Go and at the top, of the screen you’ll see Joystick move around.

This method is working 100% and after even the new update. If you face “GPS signal not found” issue while playing, Click here.  Here is a free tip, don’t jump or run to fast while checking the app, keep it low you don’t want to get ban.

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