Photographer shoots whole wedding on an iPhone 6S Plus, the result is amazing

Smartphone cameras have taken the world by storm. Over the past few years, Smartphones have become the primary computing and primary photography devices for people all over the world. Smartphone cameras might never be able to replace the professional and DSLR cameras, but these cameras do serve the photography purpose at their best. This is actually proved by a photographer Sephi Bergerson who has successfully recorded a whole wedding in India with  a lone iPhone 6S Plus and some handy applications like Snapseed and some other very common apps.

Sephi Bergerson portrays his skills by taking some stunning wedding shots through his iPhone 6S Plus. His art shows that it’s not the only camera that matters, but the art of photography is something that counts as well. Sephi also mentions that this time it wasn’t the technology that was a hurdle for him to portray his skills, but it was hard to find a couple that would  agree to get their wedding shot through a smartphone’s camera. Sephi happened to be lucky enough to find India’s one of biggest weddings for his experiment and he made it totally awesome. Sephi Bergerson did this at a wedding that happened back in November, 2016 in Udaipur, India.

Sephi also shared his experience. He discussed what techniques he used to adjust the lighting conditions and other factors that affected the photography and video shooting. Sephi used a hand held LED light to maintain the exposure for night shots and get beyond the ISO limitations. Sephi made the use of Snapseed to adjsut contrast, colours, highlights and also made the use of some filters available in this application. He also used “Mextures” application to add “scratches and grit” to give his shots a dramatic look and feel. Another application that Sephi shared was Factune, which he used to tone the faces.

Sephi mentions the smartphone cameras as “A Completely New Breed of Camera”. He explains the advantages and the conveniency that the cellphone cameras have brought in the lives of the photographers. Photographers do not need to rush towards their computers to filter their photographs anymore, they can do everything in the real-time while they are in the field. Mobile photography has also allowed photographers to discover new ideas, and try out new techniques. Have a look on Sephi’s work and let us know what’s your say on this amazing photography by an iPhone 6S Plus.

Here are some highlights that are put together using an iPhone 6S Plus.

Checkout Sephi’s work on his personal blog.

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