The most common OnePlus X issues and their fixes

The OnePlus X isn’t perfect in anyway, and none is any other Android device. Every device comes with its boons and liabilities, and we’ve listed the most common OnePlus X issues which users have reported all around the web, and we’ve provided the most suitable solution for it. Please refer down below to get an idea of what we’re talking about.


MicroSD Card Issues:

Many users have reported that their OnePlus X doesn’t simply recognize the SDCard that they put into it. This might be a big software bug that might prevent many users from enjoying their OnePlus X’s to the fullest, and we recommend you not to medal with the device itself. The only thing you can do right now is try and format your SD Card to the NTFS format. This fixes many bugs, resulting you in using your OnePlus X more merrily.

Fixing Blurry Images:

One of the biggest issues with the latest budget smartphone cameras has been the fact that they haven’t been good at focusing, and the OnePlus X isn’t a surprise. It doesn’t take sharp images, and many a times the user is dissatisfied with the blurred images.One such solution is the fact that you can download a third-party photo editing application like Google Snapseed, or VSCOCam, and sharpen up the images manually. And the next time you take a shot, just make sure your hands are stabilized.

Problems With LTE Bands:

The OnePlus X sadly doesn’t support LTE Bands 12 and 17, which sucks for AT&T and Verizon users residing in the US, as they will be forced to use just the HSPA speeds, which as we all know, really very much sucks. The only way is to simply try to use a WiFi network more than your cellular data, as it might be very helpful.

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