OnePlus Confirms CM 12S And OxygenOS Release Dates!

From the very start and evolution of Android, there have been two major players in the field – One being Stock Android, and yes, the other one being Cyanogen Mod. Some really old devices like the Samsung Galaxy Ace didn’t get any software updates, cause they were too old for it. I’ve been an Ace user for over a year, and I was too frustrated that I still was stuck with Android Gingerbread. But then Cyanogen Mod released its custom version of Android, and everything was redefined, close to stock experience! Later last year, Cyanogen and OnePlus contributed some of their shares to manufacture a ‘Flagship Killer’ – the OnePlus One. OnePlus One runs a custom version of Android, termed CM 11S, and it is packed with a ton of features to explore with! Cyanogen guaranteed the OnePlus One users that they’re going to unveil another custom version of Android, obviously Lollipop this time. I am currently a OnePlus One user, and it has now been almost 5 months, and there is still no sign of any OTA or Manual update for the OnePlus One, and other Cyanogen devices, until now.

Around a week ago, I posted about Cyanogen unveiling its new OS (CM 12S) in a ‘few weeks’). Well, OnePlus recently announced and declared the final dates of release for the two major Official ROMs for the OnePlus One. Here, we will provide you with the dates of release of these two ROMs.

CyanogenMod 12S

The International OnePlus One ships with the stock CyanogenMod 11S OS. In a few days, we will be able to taste official CM 12S on our OnePlus Ones’. The official date of release for the ROM is March 30, 2015.



A few months back, when Cyanogen and OnePlus split up, some of the OnePlus One devices users’ were worried that they won’t be able to get any further incremental updates from Cyanogen. So, to restore hope and regain the lost strength, OnePlus started to develop its own custom ROM – OxygenOS. We have seen no leaks/pictures of this official ROM, but OnePlus recently declared that this ROM will be available on or before March 27, 2015.

OxygenOS-Logo-Forums-e1422871963777 (1)

So, this was it for the post. OnePlus was so sure that these two ROMs will come on or before March 30, and March 27 respectively, that they are ready to give away 5 free Sandstone Black 64 GB OnePlus Ones to the lucky users if they’re not able to release these two ROMs on the given dates. So, even if these ROMs don’t come out according to the date, you’ll still be lucky enough to have another OnePlus One lying around you! If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to leave a comment below.

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