Nokia 1 might be the newest member to the Android Go program and could be launched as early as March

Both Nokia and HMD Global might be becoming a part of Android Go, which will allow buyers to get their hands on affordable smartphones. Nokia 1 might eventually belong to the same program and will carry a very affordable price tag to come with the entire smartphone package. Details of Google’s Android Go program have been highlighted below.

Nokia 1 might be the newest member to the Android Go program and could be launched as early as March

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“Android Oreo devices with 512MB to 1GB of memory will come with the all the Go optimizations. We enhanced Android Oreo (Go edition) for speed and reliability on entry-level devices, which means the average app is now 15 percent faster on devices running Android Oreo (Go edition). There are many of these kinds of optimizations—and they really add up. If all entry level Android devices launched apps 15 percent faster, that would save the world a cumulative one million hours of time—every day!

It’s common for entry level devices to have very little storage space available once you account for the size of the OS and the preinstalled apps. This can be frustrating for people who want more space for their music, apps, and photos. So, we’ve optimized Android Oreo (Go edition) and enhanced our preinstalled Google apps to take up 50 percent less space. The net result is that we’ve doubled the amount of available storage on entry-level devices.”

According to Google, Android Oreo (Go edition)’s speed and reliability on entry-level devices will become enhanced, because an average app should run 15 percent faster on devices which are running this OS. Android Oreo (Go edition) and apps that come pre-installed on it and will take 50 percent less space than the regular Android Oreo operating system.

For example, if a budget smartphone is running 8GB of internal storage, which Nokia 1 might, you should be able to download and install a variety of applications for the device and if the phone comes with expandable storage, then it will be bring more advantages to you.

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Pricing of the Nokia 1 was not provided but a device that comes with entry level hardware is sure to go easy on your wallet.


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