“Nexus 6P is a joke” – Bend test round 2 video explains why?

Around 5 days ago, Jerryrigeverything a well-known Youtube channel published a video that shows a scratch test, burn test and bend test of the all new Huawei Nexus 6P. In the very first stage, Jerryrigeverything sets up the device for Mohs scale of hardness by using 10-level picks on the phone. In the 2nd stage Jerryrigheverything lights up a lighter and shows how much resistive the Gorilla glass 4 is to the fire, and the last and the most terrible part is the bend test. It turned to be even more miserable as compared to that of the iPhone 6 Plus when the Nexus 6P was applied a little force. The phone bents simply by applying a very little amount of force in your hands. At first, a number of users refused to believe that the Nexus 6P bends, but Jerryrigeverything seems to be justifying the reason why this phone bends and also proving the authenticity of his video showing a real Nexus 6P.

In the 2nd round of the “Nexus 6P is a joke” Jerry Rig tells the users about the 3 fatal structure flaws at the bottom of the Nexus 6P. Jerry Rigs tells about the presence of aluminium mid frame inside the phone that is supposed to add rigidity to the phone but the aluminium phone is not screwed in neither it is attache to the back of the phone. The 2nd flaw is the use of plastic dove tail joints in the phone while the third flaw is the distance between the battery and the mother board of the device that basically makes it a lot easier to bend and break this phone. Have a look on both of the videos.


And that’s not it, another Youtube channel has come up denying this video and shows the firmness of this phone. According to the video published by Total Tech shows the phone is intact and doesn’t bend in hands. Here’s the video.

Let us know what do you think about these videos and if you’re going to get your hands on the Nexus 6P after having these tests in front of you.

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