Nexus 5 Released, Starting Price $349, Running Android 4.4 Kit-Kat.

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Finally Nexus 5 has been released, running Android 4.4 Kit-Kat, Google’s latest Flagship Android device will now take the world or not will only be revealed after its full review and comparisons. Nexus 5 is relatively cheaper than its predecessor and unlike it’s predecessor, this time Google’s Server won’t go down while purchasing it from Play Store. On the Other hand, those wo got a chance to get their hands on Nexus 5 do have a chance to enjoy the Android 4.4 Kit-Kat, while others, even those who owns a Nexus device have to wait for the release.


There is no Surprise for you in Market, because everything was reveled before the release of Nexus 5. One thing is a let-down that LG put Volume keys at the back of handset but in Nexus 5 there is no such thing, Volume Keys are still is the same place. Looks and design is a bit something, the Soft Back which is very grippable, Google calls it Silky,  and slim design give such a premium look,yet many are thinking that the white Nexus 5 will get dirtier fast because of the White Soft back, , having a weight of 130g it’s feels light while holding.


The Build quality is a huge let-down, while phones like iPhone 5S and HTC One. It’s unapologetically plastic, to borrow a phrase that Apple has used to describe the 5C. The Back is slightly curved and nonremovable. If you ever used a Nexus 4, you will realise that Nexus 5 is bit familiar, slightly bigger and lighter. Battery is 2300mAh, which might be enough for a whole day use, especially when Android 4.4 said to bring even a better battery life.


The real question is about the Camera, When Samsung Manufactured Galaxy Nexus, google talked about the Camera like it was equalizing a DSLR, but the actual result was quite disappointing. The initial impression showed that Nexus 5 won’t make users of Nokia Lumia 1020 and iPhone 5s think that they are missing out. With it’s 8 MegaPixels Pistol with Image Stabilization will be a great success, but Camera specs on Sheets and Real World is a complete different things. Another Feature is HDR+, it’s like a simple HDR but it will take a couple more photos than 3 and merge them together to create even a better HDR.

That’s all we know about Nexus 5, we will keep you updated about Nexus 5 as soon as we get our hands on it Officially.

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