New In-App Squeeze Customization Options For HTC U11’s Edge Sense

There is no doubt that the HTC’s U11 has been a great package in terms of everything. It’s smooth, unhindered speed and its flawless appearance are a great combo for the smartphone users. However, this phone offers something that others don’t! And this is the feature which allows you to squish this handset’s sides and being able to perform various things. You can squeeze the phone sides to go to the camera and click a crystal clear picture of yours and do much more!

Source: Android Authority

However, that’s just not it. There is even more, and that has been hinted through the recently released video regarding new updates being introduced in the Edge Sense. These features include zooming in your pictures, managing your calls and even canceling your alarms whenever you want to. Excited? Well, you should be! This update in Edge Sense is expected to start from tonight. All you need to do is just download the updated version of Edge Sense. After that, you’ll automatically get the option of using the brief and long squeezes for a function. While using your favorite apps, you can now resume them and play them back whenever you want to this new function. Great, isn’t it?

Source: Android Community

Wondering how to activate this function for a particular page? Well, let’s break it down for you;

1- You have to go to the page and press the red icon showing up at the top.

2- After that, you have to tap the location you want to activate whenever you long squeeze or short squeeze. This is quite easy and convenient. That’s all.

You can also avail the new Squeezing option for clicking pictures in Instagram or to activate text-to-speech, for pausing videos and also for tweeting. Of course, the users will take their time to get used to these new additions, but these additions are going to be really helpful in the future. Best of luck with trying these!

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