Move your Dropbox pictures over to Google Photos [ How To ]

If you are using Dropbox from ages and now want to move on with Google Photos, thinking about how to move Dropbox pictures over to Google Photos, it seems pretty difficult ! but quite frankly its not. In the following guide i will explain you how to Move your Dropbox pictures over to Google Photos in few simple steps. 

Move your Dropbox pictures over to Google Photos

I’ll be using Desktop Applications to move Dropbox pictures over to Google Photos, please follow all the steps carefully in order to successfully move all the pictures.

Easily Move your Dropbox pictures over to Google Photos:

Step #1: Install DropBox App on your Mac or PC.

Step #2: Now enter your login credentials to access your photos.

Step #3: Once your are logged in [ i am using Mac ] goto Dropbox app preferences.

Step #4: Select only sync the files with photos in them.

Step #5: Once you checked this option your photos will start downloading in the background into a new folder.

Once downloading is complete we’ll move to next phase, now we have to setup Google Photos Backup app to automatically upload the photos.

Step #6: First Install the Google Photos Backup desktop app on your Mac or Desktop.

Step #7: Login with your Gmail Id.

Step #8: Now select those Dropbox folder which are syncing.

Step #9: When you see a popup saying which version you want to upload, its totally your choice.

Step #10: Now as soon as new photos are downloading, automatically its uploading  to Google Photos.

All Done ! now you can sit back and relax, let computer do its work. This is how you move your Dropbox pictures to Google photos.


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