Money Saving Apps For Android And iPhone

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Regardless of what we do, the world today is constantly being changed by the latest technologies and technological developments. Undoubtedly, IT has seen unprecedented advancements in terms of various amusing, scientific and recreational inventions. However, our everyday life can also be enriched and our money saved by the use of some really great software and applications.


Smartphones, not only attracted the attention of the entire global technology, but they also accelerated the already fast communication paths established by the expansion of the SmartPhone and PC. It stands to reason to assume that if we combine applications and smartphones, we will create a powerful and effective device capable of calculating, planning and thinking instead of us. Apart from these educational and amusement applications, there are some Money saving apps too




The WhatsApp application, produced for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia, allows you to send free SMS messages. The expensive monthly cell phone packages are a part of the past. Send free SMS messages using WhatsApp. For this application, you can use the wireless Internet or the Internet that you already use on your phone. With no extra costs, it uses nothing but your data package. With WhatsApp, all you need is Internet access and the roaming, that used to burn your money when traveling abroad, becomes a thing of the past. The popularity of this application has even attracted Google’s attention who offered a lucrative business proposal to become a sponsor. Yet, there other services that facilitate your communication. Viber is also free and handy. In addition, apart from sending text messages, it has some other features. For example, you can make free calls with people that also have Viber.


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It has been no more than three decades ago that the only cards we possessed were the ones we used for the public library. Some of us even may have had credit cards. Today, the consumer society is present in every facet of our lives, and loyalty cards offered by many supermarkets and retailers have become a common thing. After a certain number of purchases, you will be treated to a present by your dear supermarket. Now, this is exactly where Loyalli steps in. A large number of retailers and users use this application because they can just scan a stamp code using their smartphone. Thus, Loyalli adds stamps to your virtual card, which is a kind of a virtual account. If you spend a lot of time in shopping malls and supermarkets, Loyalli is just the right thing for you.It can be used for

iPhones and Android OS, and it is free.

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Download for Android Devices.




Due to the fact that shopping has become the most important activity of our workweek, we have to carefully plan every visit to the supermarket. In order to buy the best products at best prices, we have to be familiar with all the discounts and bargains. Even though surfing on the Internet with the intention of finding the best deals can, at times, be interesting, letting the machine do it for you is much easier. The Redeemia application can play the role of your personal shopping calculator. Based on your preferences and wishes, it collects the best shopping solutions and suggests possible purchasing spots. For instance, you wish to spend some time in the Lake District- you set Redeemia to search for the best deals regarding accommodation and food.
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