Metric ton of glue found when iFixit disassembled the Google Pixel C

After going public in December 2015, Google Pixel C just got treated by iFixit. The high-end tablet was disassembled to see what it packs inside its body. Surprisingly enough, iFixit gave Pixel C a repairability rating of 4 out of 10, owing to the baffling cabling choices and mainly due to the “thick, gooey adhesive” used for its assembly.

The core component of the tablet, the motherboard, has been joined with the bottom with the help of adhesives to enable ease in separation. On the other hand, the antennas are also adhered on the speakers with the help of a glue. This considerably reduces the effort in disassembly as the amount of screws has been reduced.

According to the guys at iFixit, the display of the tablet is held together by “tough adhesive,” which must be removed in order to reach the internal hardware. In addition to that, the battery cells are “very solidly adhered to the case“, with “crazy strong adhesive.” Whereas the battery connector is joined with two ribbon cables and some tape.

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This must also be mentioned that iFixit found 17 magnets which were strategically placed around the tablet’s case to help connect it to the keyboard. Further information regarding the disassembly can be found on iFixit’s website.

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