List of Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 Plus Model Numbers

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have been announced by Samsung. The phones were announced at Samsung’s exclusive unpacked event taking place in London and New York simultaneously. Samsung introduced the world to the innovation hidden inside its new flagship devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 carries a 5.8 inch WQHD display and the Galaxy S8 Plus carries a 6.2-inch WQHD display. Both the phones have a Super AMOLED panel. Samsung installed an 8 MP camera for selfie lovers and a 12 MP camera as a primary shooter in these phones. Both the phones either have a Snapdragon 835 CPU accompanied by Adreno 530 GPU or the Eynos 8895 accompanying its relevant GPU. A RAM of 4 GB is installed in the phones. Storage starts from 64 GB and it can be expanded using a microSD card of up to 256 GB. S8 and S8 Plus run on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. S8 has a 3000 mAh battery and the S8 Plus has a 3500 mAh battery. USB Type-C port is attached at the bottom. Both phones have the 3.5mm headphone jack. Samsung has added the new AKG headphones in these smartphones. IP68 certification makes these phones water and dust resistant.

Samsung will start shipping the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus from April 21, 2017. Carriers like At&t, T-Mobile, Verizon and others will start taking the preorders from March 30, 12:01AM ET. The phone will cost $750-retail (Galaxy S8) and the Galaxy S8 Plus will cost $850-retail while carriers have multiple plans to entertain their subscribers.

Like every-time, Samsung will release multiple variants of the S8 and S8 Plus in various regions all across the world. Samsung gives the smartphones in different regions a different model number. This is done in order to keep the smartphone’s identification for the radio frequencies and other such addresses. A Galaxy S8 in China will have a different model number, slightly different specifications e.g. dual SIM, and different frequency bands as compared to a Galaxy S8 in the United States. Similarly, a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus by At&t will have a different model number and frequency bands as compared to the Galaxy S8 by Verizon or T-Mobile.

To overcome this confusion and solve the matter, we have collected a list of all the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus variants. The model numbers and CPU chipsets of the phones are mentioned in the table alongside the region of the phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Model Numbers / Variant List

Device NameModel NumberRegionConnectivity
Galaxy S8SM-G9500 (Snapdragon 835)China (Hong Kong)SIM1:TDD-LTE+FDD-LTE+WCDMA+TD-SCDMA+GSM;SIM2:GSM
Galaxy S8SM-G950T (Snapdragon 835)T-MobileFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8SM-G950P (Snapdragon 835))Sprint - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8SM-G950A (Snapdragon 835)
At&t - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8SM-G950R4 (Snapdragon 835)US Cellular - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8SM-G950V (Snapdragon 835)Verizon - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+CDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8SM-G950W8Canada

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Model Numbers / Variant List

Device NameModel NumberRegionConnectivity
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G9550 (Snapdragon 835)China (Hong Kong)SIM1:TDD-LTE+FDD-LTE+WCDMA+TD-SCDMA+GSM;SIM2:GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955FGlobalFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955T (Snapdragon 835)T-MobileFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955KKorea KT+FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955LKoreaFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955P (Snapdragon 835))Sprint - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955A (Snapdragon 835)
At&t - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955R4 (Snapdragon 835)US Cellular - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955V (Snapdragon 835)Verizon - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+CDMA+GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955FDSoutheast AsiaSIM1:FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM;SIM2:GSM
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955W8Canada


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  • GlobeTrotter

    I think the 955T is also a snapdragon

    • DarkForce8

      I think you’re right. Even the 950T model is a Snapdragon

      • They both are snapdragon. I will update list. Thanks to both of you.

        • GlobeTrotter

          Very useful list by the way, the only one I can find for all these S8 variants

  • Marcos Alexander

    Hi…This listing has the SM-950F as dual sim…Is it correct???

  • Robin

    my model number on s8 plus is sm-955w ut when I go to Samsung website to register it, it is asking for more numbers. I cant find anymore on the phone or in settings and the battery is not removable

    • @disqus_xofAXNbz3l:disqus What do you exactly want to do? Please provide more details so that I can help you accordingly.

      • Boylaska

        If you want to register your phone on the Samsung website, you have to first enter the model number. In my case it’s SM-G950F. This number is shown on the box and in the phone’s settings. However, when you try to fill the number in, it asks for more numbers. Like Robin, I can’t find any other number, anywhere.

  • Berzerker

    G950U and 955U are the Unlocked US models of the S8 and S8+, also used by T-Mobile.

    • @Berzerker7:disqus Also used by At&t. I have featured your comment to help others.

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