LG will not launch G6 in China

LG is off to a great start with the G6 sales number. 30,000 units of LG G6 were sold in South Korea over the launch weekend and 82,000 units were booked in the pre-order period. The smartphone will be making its way to other global markets within the next weeks. According to the new report, LG will not be launching G6 in China.

At a glance this would look like a ‘wired’ decision given that China is one of the biggest smartphones market in the world and different brand are always vying for a market space there. In actual the dynamics of the Chinese market are quite different as there are a lot of local brands there which people prefer namely, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo with Apple and Samsung the only international brands which have made their own space there. In the recent years LG’s share in China has dropped to 0.1% and last year the company incurred a huge loss with LG G5.

With the given situation where the company is working on cutting operating costs and maximizing sales, this seems like a wise decision. Moreover, this would be a move towards withdrawing from the Chinese market. The LG appliances section is doing better than the mobile division, so this isn’t clear whether LG plans to only withdraw from the mobile market of leave the Chinese market altogether.



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