LG G5 News, Rumours, Specs, Release Date and Price

2015 was a great year in the tech world. We saw great innovations packed inside smartphones. LG’s player in the smartphone world for the year 2015 was the LG G4. LG G4 did a lot good to LG, it did keep LG in limelight for quite a long while. However, 2015 has almost come to an end and it’s time to leave 2015’s stuff here. We have our eyes set on all the smartphone giants like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and other new players in the smartphone world. We are expecting the successor of LG G4, the LG G5 from LG. We have some great tech events heading towards us in the year 2016. As the year kicks off, we will be witnessing CES and MWC. There are chances that many of the above-mentioned smartphone giants will be making the use of MWC and CES to pull the curtains off from their smartphones.

The next flagship from LG is expected to come out as early as February, 2016. The next flagship, which is most probably LG G5, is supposed to carry the latest specifications, features and technology of the present time. Rumour mills are at their full business at the moment regarding all the upcoming smartphones. LG G5 has caught a good position in the rumour mills and the anticipations regarding this device are pretty serious. We may be far away from the release date of LG G5, but the number of rumours floating round is worth giving a read. To sum all the LG G5 rumours, specifications, features, news, images and anticipations we’ve compiled up this post.lg-g51

LG G5 Design

According to some information floating around, LG is expected to ditch the plastic build for the LG G5. So far we’ve seen LG’s smartphones packed inside the cheap plastic or leather builds. LG won’t be using the same material to build the G5. LG seems to be putting efforts on making the LG G5 a premium smartphone.

This news comes from a South korean website etnews. According to the mentioned source, LG will be going all-metal with the LG G5. LG’s leather efficiency on the G4 couldn’t become the selling point for the smartphone. G4’s camera remained the focus for most of the users. LG wants to give the users some reasons to put some money on the next phone because of its premium design and build. Reports also claim that LG G5 is going to see a huge design shift. Since it’s going to be LG’s next flagship, we expect the best. We can’t be sure of anything so read everything with a pinch of salt on your tongue.

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LG G5 Display

Most of the smartphone manufacturers will be using 4K displays for their smartphones in the year 2016. Sony was the very first company to plant a 4K display in its smartphone (Xperia Z5 Premium). Other smartphone manufacturers won’t be leaving Sony the alone player in 4K display game.

We expect LG to flaunt the LG G5 with a 4K display inside a 5.6-inch screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2610 pixels. Another leak suggests that LG G4 will sport a 5.6-inch QHD display. We can’t say anything being sure about LG G5’s display, but it definitely will sport one of the two displays mentioned above.

LG G5 Hardware 

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 CPU was buried under over-heating issues. LG used Snapdragon 808 on its LG G4 and LG V10 because of the over-heating issues on Snapdragon 810. Although Qualcomm fixed the over-heating issues later on, but it was late. Qualcomm has already introduced Snapdragon 820 now, which is way better then any other SoC available in the market at the moment. LG G5 will probably run on a Snapdragon 820 CPU accompanied by Adreno 530 GPU. Thera are some conflicting reports that suggest the use of LG’s very own SoC in the G5, but LG might be ditching that.

Some earlier reports suggested that LG will power up the G5 with its very own Nuclan 2 SoC. Some new information that just popped up recently has suggested that Nuclan 2 SoC may not be fast enough for a flagship smartphone like LG G5. LG may ditch Nuclan 2 SoC on LG G5 and the next smartphone in the LG V series may be the first one to host a Nuclan 2 SoC.

A recent rumour hinted at Qualcomm’s deal with Samsung to keep the Snapdragon 820 Samsung-exclusive until April, 2016. If this rumour is to be believed, then the Snapdragon 820 either isn’t going to be a part of the LG G5, or the LG G5 isn’t going to be unveiled until April, 2016.

LG G4 had a RAM of 3 GB. We expect something similar on the LG G5. We sure won’t be seeing a downgrade here. LG G5 will either have a 3 or a 4 GB RAM. No information about the RAM of LG G5 has surfaced yet.

LG G4 had a 3000 mAh battery. Unfortunately, this battery wasn’t good enough to keep the phone alive for a day because of its whopping 2K display. If LG is going to put a QHD or 4K display on LG G5, it’s going to have a look on the battery department for sure. We can expect a better battery from LG on the G5.

32 GB will be the internal storage base for the G5, and there’s no word if this device will have a microSD card slot or not.

LG G5 Camera

LG G5 will see a camera upgrade. LG has always worked hard on improving the camera of its smartphones. The information available at the moment points towards a 21 MP shooter at the back and a 5 MP or 8 MP selfie shooter.

LG G5 Software

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is out now. If Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow remains the latest Android OS by the time LG releases LG G5, we can expect it to be a part of the new LG gunner.

LG G5 Features: Iris Scanner & Fingerprint Scanner

LG is working with IRIENCE, a company that works on eye-scanning technology. LG’s collaboration with IRIENCE could result in the bird of an Iris Scanner accompanying the front facing camera of the LG G5. The Iris Scanner will reportedly read user’s eyes from a distance of 50 cm.

LG G5 will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner at its back, just like the LG V10 did.

LG G5 Release Date & Price

LG G5 was expected sometime around April, 2016 but as mentioned above, a new leak suggests that LG could unveil this phone as early as February, 2016. If that’s supposed to be true, then there sure will be a great competition between LG G5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7. LG G5 will cost over $600. We don’t have any prominent amount of information regarding the phone’s price so far.

Here are some concept images streaming around.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned with us right here for more LG G5 news. We will be updating this post as soon as get some new information in our hands.

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