LG announced its slimmest biometric sensor for upcoming smartphones and wearables

Innotek, research wing of LG, just announced that they have developed an amazingly compact optical bio sensor which is ready to be featured in smartphones and wearable devices. Although it is too soon to say that the upcoming LG G5 might be the first smartphone to have such technology in it.


The biometric sensor hold a photo diode (PD), 5 LEDs and an integrated circuit while maintaining the remarkable thickness of 1 mm. This level of compactness will surely allow LG to use such sensor in their device without compromising the overall dimensions of their smartphones and wearables. Such a sensor would allow user to measure their heart rates, stress indices and even oxygen saturation level. As claimed, the recently developed device works with minimal power while ensuring remarkable accuracy.

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Innotek boasted about their use of gold-plated interiors to allow better efficiency in luminance. This would allow the sensor to consume very less power while enhancing biometrix signals by 30%. According to the company, their final device would work on 20% lesser energy than other prototypes. As far as the accuracy is concerned, the sensor is capable of measuring the heartrate with an uncertainty of just 5bpm while in motion and about 2bpm when stationary. Last but not the least, the breakthrough which led to such a slim device is the embedding of all integrated circuits right into the PCBs.

Changhwan Kim, Executive Director of the Components and Materials R&D Center stated:

“The core part of IoT (Internet of Things) is the sensor that enables information sharing. We will develop high-tech sensors and use them in automobiles, consumer electronics, wearable devices, and other things to lead the IoT industry.”

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