Leaked sketches reveal Samsung Galaxy S6 dimensions

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The upcoming Mobile World Congress event is the talk of the tech town currently, especially the devices that are expected to be unveiled in it. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is expected to be introduced to the world in the event scheduled for 1st March and currently that is one of the devices under intense scrutiny. Every day we get to hear or see some leaked images of the device. Today is no different; we have sketches out of Korea which hint at the dimensions of the alleged Galaxy S6.

According to these sketches, Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be 143.30mm x 70.81mm x 6.91mm. To have an idea about the changes that Samsung has made this time around let’s compare it to Galaxy S5, whose dimensions are 142mm x 72.5mm x 8.1 mm. So according to this tid bit, we will be looking at something a bit taller and slimmer than its last model.

While looking at these dimension and sketches we should keep this in mind that these are not the confirmed specifications of the device and in the coming days as the launch day draws near, we will be getting to look at more pictures and hearing interesting rumors. So stay tuned to see what wild rumor comes up next.



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