Latest Updates on OnePlus 2: Launch Date Delay and Name Tweaking

OnePlus with just one device, OnePlus One last year has set its mark in the smartphone industry. Their product with flagship specifications, half the flagship’s price and an ingenious invitation system made it as Times magazine called the ‘Phone of Dreams’. With a great device like that, a company has to bring out a device that topples everyone’s expectations. A latest report out by Forbes divulges some details about the company’s plans for their upcoming smartphone.

The company has made some tweaking in the way they wrote the name of the device, moving from text to a digit based system. Well it will make things simpler and it is a much better way of fitting the device name in the company logo. So now the name will be OnePlus 2 instead of OnePlus Two.

We will be meeting OnePlus 2 somewhere in Q3, one of the reasons given by the company is that they want to wait and check out the issues of heating associated with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor that they planned to use. Samsung did say that they plan to shift to Exynos for Galaxy S6 due to this issue. After this statement the reports came out that Qualcomm is re-designing the processor for Samsung. The issue must be significant for the company to revamp Snapdragon 810 CPU. Looking at this situation OnePlus is also delaying their launch a bit. It is a good move as they seem keen on producing quality products and they would not want to use something that is not top notch. Apart from that reports suggest a Quad HD display to be in works along with a 4 GB RAM. All in all, everything seems to moving in the right direction.

OnePlus will be bringing their device out at the right time, they will have seen the products launched by the big players in the industry and to top that will launch something that will ‘surprise’ everyone. Some OnePlus fans may be disappointed by this delay but they have to keep this thing in mind that your patience will definitely bear a sweet fruit with a great device.


Source: Forbes

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