Is this the logo for Samsung Bixby?

Samsung is upping up the ante and working on bringing their own smart digital assistant named Bixby. Last year Samsung acquired Viv Labs, the company that produced Siri for iPhone and started working on their own AI assistant. This AI assistant will be one of the major features of Galaxy S8, Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

Now we are getting to see the logo for Bixby as the company has filed a trademark application with the European Trademark and Design Network.┬áThe application is currently under examination but is similar to the one the company filed for Bixby trademak application. In the application we can see a stylized B, which we believe refers to Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby.

Samsung currently is working on the different features that Bixby will have as it will be competing with the likes of Siri, Google Assistant and HTC Sense Companion. To avoid being dubbed as ‘just’ an AI which does not offer something different, Samsung is equipping it with features like text recognition and visual search. Apart from that Bixby will be support up to 8 different languages: English, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Spanish Latin languages.



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