Is LG taking at dig at Samsung with its latest LG G6 ‘Reliability. Check, check, check’ teaser?

Forget about being subtle, LG is sending out teasers for their MWC event left and right. Well they have already confirmed they they will be announcing their new flagship LG G6 at the event, and they just don’t want us to forget about it. That would be quite a difficult feat to achieve as to date we have seen numerous renders, a prototype and even live images of the device leak. Now LG has sent out another teaser, in the series of posters that they started sending out last week. The testers are quite ingenious talking about the different qualities that LG G6 has from being ‘More Intelligent‘ to it having ‘More Juice’. The latest teaser focuses on ‘Reliability‘.

With this teaser, it seems like LG is taking a  jab at Samsung and the issues that occurred with Galaxy Note 7.  Samsung after the Note 7 debacle came under intense scrutiny for their faulty batteries which ended up delaying Galaxy S8’s announcement. Now LG looking to maximize their profits in their arch rival’s absence are taking a strike where its going to hurt.

LG to date did not have any issues with their device in terms of battery, so they are courting potential customers by branding LG G6 with ‘Reliability’.  LG in a earlier report out last month has already claimed that the batteries used in G6 are safe from overheating and now subsequent teasers like this present people with safer and more trustworthy alternatives. The repetition of the word, ‘Check, check, check‘ reinforces how meticulous LG has been not only in ensuring that the battery is safe but in all the other aspects of how the device has been produced.

With increased competition, brands need to focus on both the quality of the components used and the software that is develop for it. LG in the past has faced bootloop issues with devices like G4, G5, V10 and V20. Now with LG G6 they have a chance to start afresh and present users with a device that which is devoid of all these issues. In addition, in the promo ad for the ‘Ideal Smartphone’, in which people wanted more reliable smartphones which displays that did not break. LG will be using Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the screen for such damages but there is a chance that they will also provide users with an economical plan through which they can replace the cracked screen of their device.

With the MWV 2017 just a few days to go, we are wondering which aspect LG targets next for the new teaser for LG G6.



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