iPhone 7 rumored to be waterproof

Quite recently, rumors arrived which are claiming that the upcoming iPhone 7 might feature a second speaker for the first time in iPhone’s history. Apparently, Apple lovers are in for another treat as a new rumor just surfaced which is no less than an eye-candy.

Japan Display is a well-known display manufacturer which also happens to be a major supplier of Apple. The company just announced a next generation of their Pixel Eyes LCD screen. Apparently the new Pixel Eyes will come with an amazing reduction of .3mm in bezel dimensions, i.e .5mm from .8mm.

Moreover, the new display has an improved sensitivity which allows professional users to draw more intricate details on the screens. In addition to that, the new Pixel Eyes now support stylus inputs up to 1mm in thickness. Apple might just be working to make its upcoming flagship smartphone water-resistant. This speculation is based on the capability of the Pixel Eyes to work even if the user’s hands are wet.

Courtesy: Japan Display

Courtesy: Japan Display

Although rumors were that the next iPhone might feature an AMOLED screen, this doesn’t seem to be the case now. According to credible sources, the AMOLED display might be featured in iPhone 7s next year while the upcoming iPhone will be packed with the all new Pixel Eyes’s second generation.

This new technology’s availability in iPhone 7 leads to speculations that the device will be water-resistant. The flagship might survive spills, rain and even water submergence. This feature, if added to the device, will drastically increment its robustness.

Apart from the above mentioned rumor, It might be possible that Apple replaces the space occupied by the headphone jack in iPhone to introduce another speaker for the upcoming model.

According to analysts Blayne Curtis and Christopher Hemmelgarn, second amp which will be required to power the new speaker is expected to be built and supplied by Cirrus Logic. Furthermore, they claimed that Apple will not introduce dynamic noise cancellation for its users. Rather they’ll be using a basic digital codec.

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