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Smartphone’s are getting a hot topic now a days everywhere, all the cellphone manufacturers are in a state of war, and willing to cross one another in terms of latest technology running on their devices. 2013 has ended now, the year was quite big specially for the smartphone giants like LG, Samsung, Apple, HTC & Sony. All of em’ came up with their rumored devices and stopped a cycle and started a new one for the upcoming ones. Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C (for the colorful) got unveiled in Q4, 2013 as well, both were much awaited and highly anticipated devices as the viewers expected to see something special and something that actually competes the rivals like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z1, but Apple came up with it’s old design, and old concept once again, the additional features only included a new 64 bit processor in the iPhone 5S and some iPhone 5 was re-branded as iPhone 5C with having different colors.ADR_Iphone6_01

Apple has always been pretty much significant with it’s devices,  expectations of users are getting greater now, and I think this is the right time for Apple to make a come back and regain it’s value in the smartphone world like it was 4 years ago. Since the hype about iPhone 5S and 5C ended after the devices were released, the rumor mills got fueled up for the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6. There is no official word anywhere about the upcoming iPhone 6, but seeing from the past conventions, we can predict about the iPhone 6 to a good extent. There is something new leaked about iPhone 6 over the web on daily basis, so to overcome all of that we’ve compiled up each and every piece of word right here. As mentioned, that there is no official word by Apple about the next gen iPhone, please keep in mind that everything is just a rumor until that time and nothing can be said being accurate. It would be better to take a pinch of salt while reading this.iphone-6-wrap-around-screen-concept-04

iPhone 6: Predictions and Expectations:

A few months back there was a hefty list of rumors and information leaked everyday through different platforms either through social media, through web or through other sources. These rumors and predictions finished the surprise of the users at the time when Apple released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C as the features, and specifications of both the phones were already known, even the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone 5S was widely being discussed. Unfortunately that means, Apple failed to protect it’s upcoming product’s info, either the info dribbled through different sources or Apple just stopped being secretive like it used to be in past.

The purpose of saying all this is only to point towards the ongoing rumors about the iPhone 6, although these are not something to believe in, but who know’s when were you reading the actual specs and features and you already came across the upcoming iPhone 6.ADR_Iphone6_02

iPhone 6: Design and Build:

Previously, we’ve seen the variation in iPhone designs from iPhone 1 to iPhone 5S so far. Apple has been following a tradition, and the new iPhone always get’s a little slimmer and there are lite changes in the design, the previous versions got squared from curved. Generally the S variant of the iPhone always resembles the design of it’s predecessor. As iPhone 5S is already there, so chance are the new iPhone 6 will have a completely new design and new dimensions.  iPhone 6 may get a little more slimmer and thinner.

Apple has always concentrated on the build quality and the material it uses for it’s iPhone(s), this is the part where it takes lead over all the other Smartphone Manufacturers around. The premium build quality, look and feel has always own the pockets of the users. Reports have also suggested that iPhone 6 may be made using liquid metal, as Apple has the direct access to use that material for their devices. Liquid metal is much strong and tough, and is durable then other materials. There were several patents related to Liquid metal by Apple were published in 2013 as well, so if this is actually going to happen, we will be seeing a much lighter and much durable bodied iPhone 6.iphone6-3

iPhone 6: Display: 

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple is testing two different sized iPhone(s) at the moment, one with a 4.7 Inches screen and the other with a 5.7 Inches screen. This actually makes sense as Apple needs to take the surfeit of the Android smartphones.

Reports have also been suggesting that Apple may use a Retina+ Sharp IGZO display that will be most probably 1080P. Apple is also rumored to spend millions of dollars on Sapphire glass display for the iPhone 6. According to GT Advanced Technologies, Sapphire glass is said to be two times more durable then the Corning Gorilla Glass and is virtually scratch free as well. Use of Sapphire glass also adds some sense to the production of a bigger iPhone this time. Previously Apple has used Sapphire glass to cover it’s touch ID in the home button of iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5 was the first device to have a Sapphire lens. So, it won’t be surprising if Apple uses Sapphire glass for iPhone 6 as well.iphone-6-concept-render

Patent filings have also shown that the Apple has been reviewing the magical morphing technology to use in the iPhone 6, that will hide the sensors and cameras of the device under the body. Well, there’s a lot to digg in there, but better to keep all this away from credence.

iPhone 6 Hardware: Camera, Processor, Storage and More: 

A new iPhone is on the way, and the way things have changed, it won’t be too wrong to expect something bigger this time. Apple is probably up to work in the Camera department, a 13 Megapixels camera sensor is going to be there in the iPhone 6 keeping the best image quality atop.

According to Techradar, An Apple patent filed in May 2013, that was covered by an Apple insider suggests an iPhone device controlling other illuminating devices. It seems almost as same as that of the effect in professional photography studios.

The processor is going to be an A8 quad core or might be an evolved A7. Apple’s concentration will be on providing more power and better performance with best battery life. Apple is looking to kick Samsung out of it’s iPhone span with the next gen iPhone, so those expecting Samsung’s chips placed under iPhone 6 will be just disappointed this time.

We saw an iPad having 128 GB storage in the past year, so It won’t be wrong to expect this much storage in upcoming iPhone. There is no word so far about rest of the features of iPhone 6, perhaps if found by time, we’ll surely add em’ right here.

iPhone 6: Features: 


IOS 8:


We expect iPhone 6 to have a new IOS running on board. As it is going to be Apple’s flagship iPhone, chances are everything will be new highly advanced. At the moment, most of the Apple devices are running on IOS 7, from what we saw in IOS 7, we can easily say that IOS 8 will have even greater enhancements in all departments.


Android devices are making the use of NFC technology, and going ahead these days. Apple needs take the connectivity part seriously as well, and it is highly expected that iPhone 6 will support NFC.

Eye Tracking:

Apple looks like restless after seeing Samsung’s progress regarding the new sensors in each Galaxy flagship device. Reports have suggested that Apple could use some kind of motion tech in the upcoming iPhone 6.

Wireless Charging: 

Last for now, but not the least. Nokia’s wireless charging concept impressed the audience, and soon after Samsung adapted the feature as well. There is a number of devices supporting this cool feature. Patents have suggested that Apple could use this as a side feature and may not be considered as one of the mainstream features of iPhone 6.

Home Button:

Some rumors have been streaming around suggesting that Apple could remove home button from the iPhone 6, if this is going to happen, it will clearly mean that the Touch ID that Apple just pushed in the iPhone 5S has turned out to be a big failure, and Apple is no more looking out to include it in the next gen iPhone, but let’s hope for the best.

iPhone 6: Release Date:

Ok, so this is what everyone must be looking for, but let’s be clear, there is no official release date and there is nothing accurate about the release date of iPhone 6. iPhone 5S is just a few months old now, and we don’t expect a new Apple device anytime soon, as Apple might give some room to the iPhone 5S and let it’s sales grow.

Traditionally Apple is known to set an iPhone launch event once an year, but some analysts have suggested that from now on, we may be seeing multiple refreshes by Apple in an year.  Some speculations have also suggested that iPhone 6 may be uncovered by Apple in March or September in 2014, and iPhone 6S will soon follow it’s predecessor.

The very thing we can be sure off at the moment is, iPhone 6 will be launched in 2014 but the exact release date is just a suspense right now.


Depends on what Apple is going to uncover, chances are that iPhone 6 will be prices as close to that of the iPhone 5S, but let’s wait and let Apple overcome all these rumors and pull the curtains off from the actual thing. That will be the only time we can be sure of anything.

There is a number of concepts surfacing over the web every day, we can’t tell if any of these will be the actual iPhone 6.

images iphone6concept4 iphone6side iphone6-sizes-800x636 nowhereelse-iphone-6-concept-gold ADR_Iphone6_06 big-beautiful-pictures-of-what-the-iphone-6-might-look-like iPhone_6_curved_screen_concept iphone-6   iphone-6-iphonesoft-isoft-concept-2 iPhone-6-mockup-Martin-Hajek-002 iphone-6-with-4.8-inch-screen  iphone-6-wrap-around-screen-concept-05 this-radical-iphone-6-concept-completely-reimagines-the-worlds-favorite-smartphone

That’s all for now. For more iPhone 6 news, rumors, updates and leaks, stay connected with us. Thanks All.

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