iPhone 5S stock almost out, iPhone 5C still fully available

Apple generated a good sum for itself with the new flagships. In just the first weekend, the company shipped 9 million units of the 5C and 5S combined. But many analysts say that is was the courtesy of iPhone 5S which was the “best selling” phone for the month of September.

Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray contacted 60 Apple stores and found that the availability of iPhone 5S had dropped to just 6% which was 27% just a couple of weeks ago. And wait, you thought you’d get a variant of the device? Well, pull your brakes as I’ve not finished telling you about the availability of the phone and its variants. The stores that had iPhone 5s SKU have went down to 40% from 90% in about a week.


These stats have led to a very high resale value of the iPhone 5s– a 16GB version currently re-sells for 32% more than it costs at the store. Munster didn’t mention color versions, but it can be guessed that the high-demand gold version is pricier than the white and space grey models.

Munster is of the believe that this is because Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5s into 51 new markets next month.

The stats for iPhone 5C run completely counter to those of iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C is available everywhere in such a number that you will never feel the need of looking for it in more than one Apple store. To support the argument, I can garuntee you an iPhone 5C delivery in just 24-hour from the six biggest Apple stores.

This might be because it did not meet the cause. The big numbers on its price tag went  contrary to what it had promised. Apple halved the production of iPhone 5C after a weak performance in China.

The iPhone 5c resale value is 11% lower than its retail cost. This is a clear reflection of the contrast between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.

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