iOS 8 Released – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

Since the launch of iPhone, last year seemed to be least exciting for Apple products. The main reason is that Android has grown to a massive scale in couple of years, bringing lot of new innovative features, while iOS stubbornly stuck to its old version. iOS 7 was a major makeover, yet it didn’t stir up things as many had expected. There are many features like 3rd party keyboards, widgets and other features that Android had for a very long time, expected in iOS 8. Apple finally seems to have listened to its fans. You might feel surprised by whole lot of new features introduced in iOS 8.

ios 8

Interactive Notifications

One thing that we all hated in iOS is that whenever there was a new message or a tweet, one had to launch the application and leave whatever one is doing to read that. iOS 8 introduces new interactive notifications. Now you can reply to messages, interact with FB notifications without leaving current application. You can do that directly from the notification center. This new feature will save a lot of time for its users. These interactive notifications are also available in lockscreen. You can respond to different type of notifications without having to unlock your phone every time.

Improved Photos App

The major improvement in Photos app is the feature that allows users to view same picture across all of their devices. All pictures will be stored in iCloud library. You can edit the same picture in different device. You might start editing on your iPhone but you can finish it on your iPad. The new Photos app includes powerful editing tools. You can also edit any picture as soon as it is captured. With this feature, you will also be able to share your photos with other members of your family or you can share these in different places, if both devices are using same account, of course.

ios 8 photos

Improved Messages App

Messages is the most widely used application in iOS 8 and Apple has tried its best to enhance the experience of this app. Now users can can send voice and video messages directly over messages application. Users can also share their current location with it. These features have been missing in iOS for a long time and we are happy to see these enhancement in iOS 8.

Widgets in iOS 8

A very simple but very useful tool of Android, is now finally available in iOS 8. If you are an Apple fanboy and never used Android, widgets are like extensions of installed applications. For example, one can view latest status updates without having to log in to application. In the WWDC, Ebay bidding widget was used as an example. User could participate in the ongoing bidding without having to open the application itself. This is one of the most awaited features for iOS 8. Third party developers will also develop widgets for their applications. We will be seeing lot of new stuff and updates in upcoming days.

Swiftkey-like Keyboard in iOS 8

With iOS 8, you might finally be able to say goodbye to “WTF Autocrorrect”. The iOS 8 keyboard studies user’s pattern and provides useful word predictions while typing. It also recognizes the person you are texting. Other than that, it also recognizes if you are typing an Email or an IM. This is one of the most intelligent keyboards out there. Other than this, iOS 8 will allow third-party developers to develop keyboards for iPhone. We can expect to see lot of themed and innovative keyboards coming to iPhone.

ios 8 keyboard

Family Sharing

Now you can finally share your purchased applications and music with your family members. This feature is available for up to six family members. You can add family members and they can request your to share any item with them. For example if you by an iBook, you can share it with your kids and wife and they will not have to pay for it. New sharing options also allows you to share family photographs, calendar events and more.

Fitness Tools

Today mobile manufacturers have realized that people interact with their mobile devices more than anything else. It has become the center point of their attention and they want the most out of it. One of the most burning topics is using mobile devices as health and fitness trackers. Samsung introduced plethora of fitness tools with Galaxy S5. Apple has tried to top it with its new interactive and intelligent health tools. Now your phone can create a health report in real-time, which will be created by communications of different health applications. You can share it with your doctor instantly. Users will be able to monitor their heart rate, allergies and similar things with iOS 8. This is one of the major features of iOS 8.

Mac And iOS

Apple has worked to make Mac and iOS more connected. Now you can actually control your iPhone through your Mac. You might start Email in Mac and finish in your iPhone. Every thing will be synced in real-time. It will make the iPhone much more accessible and comfortable. Users can also send text messages from their Mac. The latest Mac will be called Yosemite.

Better Spotlight Search

The new spotlight search includes results from installed and even those apps which have not been installed already. Users can also search in sites like Wikipedia and jump to it directly, without needing Google redirection. It is more efficient than before. The spotlight searches will also take your current location to enhance the search results. Now your search results will be more accurate and productive than ever.

Improved Siri

Now you can wake up your digital assistant by saying “hey Siri” only. It will also include song recognitions from Shazam results and then you can download the song from iTunes later.

What’s there for Developers in iOS 8?

Developers will definitely love iOS 8. One of the most praised feature is the new programming language “Swift”. This new programming language shows you your code in real-time. The chances of error will be minimized. It can work with Objective-C language used already in applications.

Android allows developers to test their applications in beta stage. People can participate in beta stage programme. Now iPhonedevelopers will also be able to test their applications before they are launched for everyone. It will make the detection of errors much more easier. Developers will also understand what needs to be added, removed or improved in their applications.

iOS Compatibility

ios compatible iphonesios compatible ipads

How Can You Use iOS 8?

If you own one of the compatible devices, then you must want to use iOS 8 on your device. But for that, you need to wait for Apple to release the update officially or install the beta version. Official and final release is still far away. If you want to install iOS beta on your iOS device, then follow this guide.

That’s all for now! We will keep you updated for more news regarding iOS 8.


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