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We’ve been very patient with our wait for Apple’s all new iOS 7 and now its about time that we start reviewing what Apple has brought to us yesterday. Lets start the survey:


The lockscreen is very similar to the old one. Just as before, it will display all the quick notifications like text messages, missed calls, notifications from apps and other notifications. The interface clearly shows that you need to swipe to the right to unlock  the device. But, wait.. We have two new handles, positioned at the top and bottom, introduced. Pulling these down or up, respectively, reveals something. Something? Well, wait for it..


Pull Down:

Pulling down the handle you reveal the Notification Center and we can’t deny that its not bad at all. It sound more human-like. Like, it would display a notification like “The first thing on your calendar is “Visit dentist” in 30 minutes.” or “Tomorrow: “There is one event scheduled at 12:00. Your calendar looks clear in the evening”. The weather forecast, however, seems so “text-ish”. Wasn’t it better the old way? Like, instead of saying “Mostly sunny conditions with 35 kph winds out of the west. The high will be 21°. Clear tonight with a low of 10°.” , it could show a picture of the Sun indicating that its sunny and display the temperature in digits, positioned right beside it. Plus, we don’t think that wind-speed could be of any use to us or was so important to be put in the Notification Center. Anyway, the rest of the part is actually nice after all, we are now just one swipe away from checking our appointments and other notifications. Not forgetting to mention that you can see the notification center even when you’re watching a movie or playing some game. Simply swipe down and there you go!

Pull up:

If you pull up the handle placed at the bottom, you’ll reveal the Control Center. Now, this is what iOS needed desperately! What exactly is this? It was about time Apple realize that iOS needs to let its user have direct access to what we call quick shortcuts to settings (Just like android has that notification bar that you could pull down to access settings). This Control Center gives you that, as it gives you quick access to frequently used toggles, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Screen Rotation. It also lets you adjust screen brightness and mess with music player controls. Not just this, it gives you access to torch, timer, calculator and some more options along with Airdrop feature of iOS that lets you share files off wire with other iOS 7 users. One thing that this Control Center lacks at is being inconvenience with access. By this we don’t at all mean that you can’t access it that easily. In-fact, you can pull it up even when you’re running apps on your iOS7 smartphone. But, there are times you can mistakenly pull it up when you’re scrolling down any list or going through a webpage. Plus, when the phone is at the lock screen and you want to access Control Center, you might open the phone camera as it lies not far from its handle(refer to the pictures) and follows exactly the same gesture of pulling up to start running.


 Home Screen:download

Okay, time to swipe through the unlock screen and head toward the actual stuff! Excited? Oh, but wait.. There is this animation that the unlock screen plays before the phone actually unlocks. The first few times, you find it really cool watching that thing play, but after that it might become annoying, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Anyway, the Home Screen is now more colorful! Oh well, we guess Apple will just stick to its childish and cartoonish UI. But, wait I see something nice. The clock icon is now animated. Wondering what that means? It means you can actually see the seconds arm of the clock move and the clock displays the current time. Sadly, the rest of the icons did not adopt this upgrade that iOS7 brought to the clock icon, for instance the weather icon has a static cloud and a sun drawn on it.

Another difference that we notice is the universal “Spotlight” that used to be on the first page of the HomeScreen has now vanished. But, that does not mean that you can’t access it. You can now open spotlight from any page of the HomeScreen by swiping downwards, but remember not to do that from the very top as it opens the Notification Center. iOS 7 also lets you create folders that contain icons to apps, with almost unlimited capacity.

Moreover, the wallpapers in iOS 7 are also animated now. Why not? Where could they not copy Android. But, what is exciting is that the static wallpapers can also move as you tilt the phone in every direction, giving you an amazing feeling of depth.


The built-in applications have been redesigned to match the new look of the system. They’ve become simpler and don’t hold on to the icons that had some sort of resemblance with the real world objects. For instance, the notes application has a new icon that is unlike the old one that looked like a pin board. So, we’re good with the change we can’t say that they look better than those before. They’re just different with a simpler and a lighter look. Like the calendar app doesn’t do anything new but has a modernist simple new look that makes it a little cooler than it initially was.

Other applications like Phone or Contacts app are also same, having the same 5 tabs as before, with a more simple and accurate look. One difference that we found was that you can now block contacts. Same goes for Messaging and E-mailing.

The Safari browser too has made a little progress. It now has a unified search bar and a new tab view, which tends to be more convenient than the old one. As before, you can still share webpages, with a little advancement of letting you do that with the Airdrop now as well.

The Camera app too embraced some handsome updates. It allows to let you choose photos from 8 filters. It sports a new filter marked as “square” for people who wish to take square photos. The panorama picture option is once again here, of course, and so is HDR. If you’re exception an IOS or sharpness  and other advanced options, get set to get disappointed because that is where iOS still lags. But that’s not that bad, because the app is impressively fast and user friendly, or should I say childishly simple!

images (1)


iOS 7 also brings a new multi-tasking system that allows (literally) all apps to run in the background. You access the multi tasking window in the same old way.




Siri! Yea Siri.. Your very own personal assistant is still with you. The news is that it has gotten even smarter, as it can now make better searches on Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter, in cases when she can’t directly answer your question. iOS 7 has made it more customizable by giving it an option of a male voice and a wide range of new languages to speak in, like German and French. You can see our post on how to give it a male voice.




We hope that our review on the new iOS7 has helped you get a rough idea of what it brings you. If you have any questions or any issues regarding the iOS7 update, get them here to us by commenting below. And if you want to get this updated iOS 7, click here. Serving you is what we’re supposed to do! 🙂

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