iOS 7.1 iCloud Account Bug Allow To Remove Account Without Password

With the release of iOS 7, Apple released a whole new security mechanism into all of its devices, that users cannot delete its iCloud Account or restoring the device, without disabling the “Find My iPhone” first. This requires an access to the Password associated with Apple ID. The System at first looked completely secure and praised by many, however, the words changed after the discovery of a small bug that allows the whole process to be bypassed. Wanna Find out how, Follow the article, right after this break.


The main purpose of this security system is simple, that those who don’t have legitimate access to the iPhone or if the device is stolen the robber cannot able to disable “Find My iPhone” and avoid being tracked by Apple’s Web Service. It all sounds great in theory even proved very useful in practical life, until the recent discovery, that proves it is very simple to bypass the process and remove the iCloud account without any Password, thus disabling the “Find My iPhone” option afterwards and the Stolen iPhone belongs to the Robber.

The Video show a comprehensive demonstration about the bug in iOS 7/7.1, after accessing the Settings and selecting the iCloud Option, the Delete iCloud Account and Find My iPhone button is to be toggled at the Same time. iOS will then show a warning message about entering the correct password iCloud account, Just holding down the power button and shutting down the device will bypass it. After the phone is awakened again, then going back to Settings > iCloud and tapping the Delete button will do the Trick.

Anyone who has the knowledge of this process can easily Bypass the iCloud account thus disabling “Find My iPhone” making the device his forever, since Apple’s Web Service can’t locate it anymore. The only solution available till Apple fix this problem is to put the Short Passcode, only means a lock-Screen.

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