Easily Get The iOS 6 Keyboard on iOS 7, 7.1

Personally I didn’t like iOS 7 keyboard, and so I started searching how to get iOS 6 keyboard back on iOS 7. After a long search, I have finally found a way to get old iOS 6 classic keyboard on iOS 7. You can easily replace your stock iOS 7 keyboard with iOS 6 keyboard. Thanks to Ryan Petrich, the most influential developer in the Jailbreak world. Ok now let’s start the process ” How to get iOS 6 Keyboard on iOS 7, 7.1 “.



How To Easily Get The iOS 6 Keyboard on iOS 7, 7.1 :


  • First your device must be Jailbroken.
  • To Jailbreak Your device try our [ Jailbreak Guides ]
  • Now goto Cydia on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Open Mange tab and select Sources.
  • After selecting sources tap on edit [ on your screen right top ]
  • After tapping the edit no tap on Add located on your top left corner.
  • Now add the repo [ http://rpetri.ch/repo ] and tap Add Source.
  • Wait for installation to completed.
  • Now go to search tab in Cydia.
  • Writer Vintage Keys and search.
  • Now after finding the vintagekeys install it.
  • Wait for installation to be completed.
  • Now restart the spring board.
  • After your device is rebooted go to settings and find Vintage Keys.
  • Tap on it now you’ll see all your apps on whom you use keyboard.
  • Now tap on messaging app, you’ll get 5 option select legacy light.


Here you go you have iOS 6 keyboard on your iOS 7, Enjoy!

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