Installing iOS 8 Beta? Think Again!

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Since Apple released the next-gen iOS version, named as iOS 8, many people are getting excited to get their phones updated as soon as possible. Apple releases beta version 3 months before making it public and updating all compatible devices manually. Apple has made the beta version of iOS 8 available to developers. However, due to a flaw, it can also be installed by anyone else. iOS 8 features some of the most wanted features of all time like 3rd party keyboards, widgets and more interactive notifications. Most of these features are available on Android already, but this will make iOS exciting once again. Read full review of iOS 8 here.

It has been reported that although iOS 8 is cool but the devices running iOS 8 beta are running into several problems. Here is a review of bugs found in iOS 8 beta and why you should not consider using it as a daily driver.

Buggy and Unexpected Crashes

Since most of the applications, whether 3rd party or pre-installed, depend on the installed iOS version, you should expect a lot of bugs in apps. The phone may reboot suddenly. Many applications like Whatsapp are not yet compatible with iOS 8. The three months period is used by developers to make their apps compatible with latest iOS version. Other than that, new apps are not yet tested in every possible condition. Apple will use the debug data to fix problems in final release. So, if you are thinking about installing it on your main phone, then you should not do it. Install it on a secondary phone, if you have one. It is not yet ready for daily routine.

No Jailbreak till Final Release

The jailbreak for iOS 7 was released almost 3 months after the final release by Apple. Developers will not release jailbreak for a beta version, since these vulnerabilities can be easily fixed in beta version. Those who have jailbroken their devices, must be using lot tweaks and apps. For iOS 8, we expect the iOS 8 to be out as long as 3 months after final release as well. So remember, no jailbreak in iOS 8 for now.

Many Features Might Not Work Properly

Although iOS 8 will feature widgets, family sharing, third-party apps and new photos app, these features will not be actually usable untill the final release. App developers will not release widgets and keyboards until the final release. Other features like photos app and family sharing require other iPhones to be updated as well. So if you are updating for these features, you shouldn’t update.

Want to Downgrade? Might Not be Possible

Apple has warned that users will not be able to downgrade from iOS 8. Currently it can be done with several workarounds but you will lose all your data. Your device will restore to iOS 7.1.1 and the data at that time. The restore will only be done on a iOS 7 compatible backup file. Therefore all of your files and everything you have done on iOS 8, will not be saved.

If you are expecting to receive help from Apple with problems you face in iOS 8, then you are wrong. Apple will not help with beta version of iOS. However, if you want to report a bug you just found and a fix for it as well, visit here.

iOS 8 beta version is currently very laggy and swarming with bugs. There are a lot of incompatibility issues. You will not be able to use most of your favorite applications with it. Random reboots and crashes can make you hit your phone on the floor hard! We suggest that try this only if you have a secondary phone. Otherwise, it’s better to wait for an update.

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