How to install Google GApps on Xiaomi Mi6

Chinese Android smartphones are the best package to go with if you are looking for an affordable smartphone with high-end specifications. These phones equip top of the line hardware under the price of a mid-range smartphone. A new entry to this low-budget lineup is the Xiaomi Mi6. Xiaomi has been moving around for quite a while with some decent handsets. The Mi6 comes out with a beautiful design and build with some very cool hardware placed under the hood.

The only problem with Chinese Android smartphones is that these phones do not have anything named Google in them. China has its restrictions against Google. The Android smartphones in China are not blessed with anything like Google Play Store or Google Play Services. There are other third-party app stores through which the Chinese users download and install Android apps on their smartphone. Although there are many ways to install the apps on a phone, but the official and the best method is to go to the Play Store. At the moment, Play Store is a house to over 3 Million Android applications. You can find your favorite games, social media platform apps, communication apps and everything else in the Play Store.

Xiaomi Mi6 comes out without the Google Apps as well. Now if you want to check out the real power of your smartphone, you will have to move here and there to install the apps on it. But what if you can install the Google Play Store on it? That won’t be less than a blessing. You can actually do that now. It is very easy to install the GApps on your Xiaomi Mi6. Installing GApps on your Xiaomi Mi6 will bring Google Play Services, Play Store, Play Music, Play Calendar, Play Books and everything else that falls under the umbrella of Google GApps. If you can’t wait for more, you can head towards the little guide and learn to¬†install Google GApps on Xiaomi Mi6.

Install Google GApps on Xiaomi Mi6

  1. Download Xiaomi Mi6 file.
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file to get the AllBackup folder.
  3. Now copy the AllBackup folder to your Xiaomi Mi6’s Internal Storage > MIUI > backup folder.
  4. Now go to Settings > Additional Settings > Backup and Reset.
  5. Tap on the Local backup option.
  6. It will find the backup and show you the backup folder that you just copied to your device in the 3rd step.
  7. Select the backup now and restore it.
  8. The restore process will take a few minutes. Once done, reboot your device.
  9. After rebooting you can find all the Google GApps in the application drawer. That’s all.
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