Install CWM/TWRP Recovery and Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110/SM-T111

Samsung introduced a low cost variant of the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, named as the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 also known as Galaxy Tab 3 Neo in January, 2014. The device sports a 7.0 inches TFT touch screen display, is powered up with 1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU accompanied by Vivante GC1000 GPU. A RAM of 1 GB is there while the internal storage is 8 GB and there’s a microSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB of external memory. There’s a huge 3600 mAh battery placed under the hood. The device is available as SM-T111 with GSM support while SM-T110 with Wi-Fi only support.

Samsung rolled out this device running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and the device is running on the same firmware till today. If you happen to be Galaxy Note 3 Lite owner and you’re feeling caged with the stock firmware and stock applications, you may want to give your device and  customized look and feel by applying different mods, tweaks or by installing a custom ROM, but before you do that you probably will need a custom recovery and root access on your Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. In case you’ve been looking for a custom recovery and the method to root your device, you have spotted the right place at the moment.

As you scroll down, you will come across a comprehensive guide that will teach you to install ClockworkMod [CWM] or TWRP recovery and root your Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110 and SM-T111. Both these recoveries serve the same purpose, but the users have their own liking so you may pick one up that satisfies you. For those who don’t know, CWM is quite simplistic while TWRP is the touch recovery with a very nice and user friendly UI. Once we are done installing the recovery, we can easily root the device. Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Root And Recovery.jpg

In case you’re a first timer / newbie with the recovery installation and root process, here’s something to remove your confusions before you head towards the installation guide.

What is a custom recovery and root access?

A custom recovery allows you to install custom roms, mods etc. Along with these, you can make a Nandroid backup, this helps you a lot as you can move back to the previous working state of your phone at any time you want if you have backed up your current system. In some cases, to root the phone you need to flash file in the custom recovery, having installed the recovery may help you while in some casesto install the recovery easily, you need to have the phone rooted. You can also wipe cache and dalvik cache of your phone using a custom recovery.

Rooting your phone gives you complete access over all the data which is apparently locked by the manufacturers. This includes removal of the factory restrictions and making changes to the internal system and the operating system. Gaining the root access gives you the privileges to install various applications to enhance the performance of your device, allows you to remove the built-in applications/programs, helps you to upgrade the battery life of your device & install the apps which require the root access for the proper functionality and modify your device in so many other ways e.g using mods and flashing custom recoveries and custom ROMs. Here’s our collection of 10 Best Root Apps.

Early Preparations:

      1. This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite / Neo SM-T111/SM-T110. Do not try this on any other device.
      2. Make sure that your phone’s battery is charged at least over 60%.
      3. Use the original data cable for establishing the connection between your PC and phone.
      4. Backup all your important contacts, find the full guide here.
      5. Backup all your important sms messages, find the full guide here.
      6. Backup all your important call logs, find the full guide here.
      7. Backup all your important media content manually. (Copy to your PC.)
      8. If you’ve flashed a custom recovery previously, it is suggested that you create a Nandroid Backup.  If this is the first time, you can do this step after you flash the recovery.
      9. Don’t forget to make EFS backup before flashing this firmware. [Important]
      10. If your device is previously rooted, you may use Titanium Backup to backup each and everything on your phone. In case this is the first time, you may skip this step for now.
      11. Turn off /disable Samsung Kies while using Odin3.
      12. Turn of any Anti Virus software while using Odin3.
      13. Alright. Follow the instructions carefully.

Disclaimer: The methods involved in flashing custom recoveries, roms and rooting your phone are highly custom and may result in bricking your device, and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturer that is SAMSUNG in our case. Also rooting your device will void its warranty and you will be no longer eligible for any kind of free device services by the manufacturers/warranty providers. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.

Downloads Required:

How To Install CWM/TWRP Recovery and Root Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110/SM-T111:


  1. Download CWM or TWRP Recovery.tar.md5 file [According to your choice and your device].
  2. Open Odin3.exe.
  3. Put your Tab 3 Lite in download mode. To do so, turn it off and wait for 10 seconds. Turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home Button + Power Key simultaneously, You should see a warning, press Volume Up to continue. In case this method doesn’t work for you, try one from this guide.
  4. Connect your Tab 3 to your PC.
  5. As soon as Odin detects your phone, the ID:COM box should turn blue.  Make sure that you’ve installed Samsung USB drivers before connecting.
  6. For Odin 3.09 hit the AP tab. Select the recovery.tar.md5, that you downloaded above.
  7. If you’re using Odin 3.07, you will select “PDA” tab instead of the AP tab, rest of the options remain untouched.
  8. Make sure that the options selected in your Odin are exactly as shown in the pic.
  9. Odin 3.09 explained. (2)
  10. Hit start and wait till the recovery flashing is complete, as soon as your device restarts, remove it from PC.
  11. You can now boot into recovery mode by turning off your device, and then turning it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power Key.
  12. That’s all!

How to Root Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110/T111:

  1. Copy the downloaded Root file to your Tab’s SD card.
  2. Boot into recovery mode on your Galaxy Tab 3, use step 11 in the recovery installation guide.
  3. Now Select “Install > Choose Zip from SD card > Root > Yes / Confirm”.
  4. This will flash the Root Package and quickly gain the root access on your Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Find SuperSu or SuperUser in the App Drawer.
  7. That’s All!

How to check if the device is properly rooted or not?

      1. To do so, go to Google Play Store on your Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.
      2. Find “Root Checker” and install it.
      3. Open Root Checker.
      4. Tap “Verify Root”.
      5. It will ask you for SuperSu rights, tap “Grant”.
      6. It should show you Root Access Verified Now!
      7. That’s All!


That’s all the credits for the recovery goes to XDA dev gr8nole. In case you’re happy with his work, don’t forget to make him a donation for his hardwork. If you’re facing any difficulties regarding this post, feel free to stop by the comment box and drop us your words. We will get back to you ASAP!

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  • WhiteOctober

    canot intall update zip

  • Omi

    I successfully installed recovery.tar but while flashing SUPERSU .. it returns with an error “failed signature verification” Please help

    • @disqus_EXPSbmImUt:disqus download this file and try flashing this one:

      let me know if it works or not.

      • Bogdan Rosca

        it’s not working. same signature verification failed

        • @bogdanrosca:disqus Use TWRP recovery instead of CWM.

      • Anup

        Actually it still boots into Android recovery and hence it is showing verification failure

        • @disqus_YFXeAd31F8:disqus you have to flash a latest stock firmware and then flash the recovery again from scratch.

          • Anup

            But what I did is a diffrrerent way. I unchecked auto reboot in odin and let installed TWRP , for my case CWM did not work. After doing this I switched off tab by long pressing power key. Then waited for few minutes and then I directly booted it in recovery and it worked. Installed supersu 2.16 update.

  • jack

    it doesn’t work. “failed signature verification”

    • @disqus_9c9SZKHEBU:disqus try using TWRP recovery instead of CWM.

  • Sameer

    Jazaakallah Usama bhai 100% working bhai

  • @bogdanrosca:disqus If the issue is with TWRP, then try CWM, or else you may wait for a while, I’ll look if the latest recoveries are available, the guide will be up soon.

    • Bogdan Rosca

      I tried with CWM also but same problem of signature failed occured

  • akcent

    Any easy method to flash CM 11 on my tab 3 T111

    • @disqus_tWVvVtg9gS:disqus the guide will be up on our site soon. Stay connected.

      • akcent

        Can you tell me about the google code and chipsets and their uses??

        • @disqus_tWVvVtg9gS:disqus what google code, chipsets details do you want? I didn’t get you.

  • Hriatpuia Khawlhring

    i have tried this process at lest five times but it keeps on booting to stock recovery

    • @hriatpuiakhawlhring:disqus try unchecking auto reboot option and flash it, then boot into recovery manually and see. If this still doesn’t work, you will have to flash a new stock firmware and then flash the recovery on that.

  • Raymart Arañez II

    SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 7.0 T211 this is the model of my tablet but i cannot root .. please help me ..

  • Foxs

    Hi Please Help me My Phone Tab 3 SM-T111
    Bootloop Now ,How I can Fix ?
    Please Help

    • @disqus_jBhBZhi8uN:disqus clear cache and dalvik cache and reboot it.. if this doesn’t fix, you will have to flash a stock ROM and do the process again.

      • Foxs

        Thanks a lot For Answer , But I can’t go Recover Mode
        Because before I try Flash Recover.Img File with Flashtool android
        AND Now I’m Stuck In Logo
        “Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite”

        But I still Can Enter Odin Mode
        Please Give me Toturial
        Thanks Again …

  • JOy STick T

    My device is sm-t111 and tried installing UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.02 with TWRP but still it returns with an error “failed signature verification” Please help…..

    • @joystickt:disqus the link for recovery will be updated in a day or two.. please keep patience till then and hold on.

      • JOy STick T

        Thanks for ur reply boss ….Hope it support OTG cable after successfull root,…Thanksssss….once again….

      • JOy STick T

        Should i need to get back oldest firmware bcause recently i had updated to t111XXUANI7…please reply

        • @joystickt:disqus if there is no firmware requirement mentioned above, then there is no need to worry about that.

          • JOy STick T

            Thanks for your quick answer…..But i read in other forums that samsung updates uroots a rooted device or does not allow to root an updated device ….i think am unable to flash any super due to my latest samsung update in sm t111…….please replyyy…..

          • @joystickt:disqus that’s right, installing stock firmware unroots the device, and you will have to root it again. But this method will work with the current and earlier firmwares of the SM-T111 tab without any problems. You simply need to install recovery and flash if you’re facing any errors, please provide some more details and let me find the solution afterwards

          • JOy STick T

            flashing is the main error.during process it shows “E: failed to verify whole-file signature”…..and in TWRP it shows only “update frm sdcard and not install”(as u mentioned above in the rooting section-.3. Now Select “Install > Choose Zip from SD card > Root > Yes / Confirm”.)
            Can you upload a TWRP mod which unchecks the whole signature verification, or any settings to skip verification signature…..please reply…..

          • @joystickt:disqus Theres an option in TWRP to uncheck signature verification.. There’s no such mode that disables whole signature verification.. you can do that for the files you flash…. There’s an INSTALL option in TWRP, once you tap it, it will take you to your SD card, the update option is in stock recovery.. there’s no such “update from sd card” option in the TWRP recovery

  • JOy STick T

    helpppp….. i accidently wiped all data through twrp and it shows sd card free memmory around 5 GB….and i lost my OS…and when i power on my device (SMT 111)It is still on the samsung logo……but i can acces to TWRP menu… give me a turtorial to install a new rom (is it possible to install A new rom through TWRP)…please reply……………

      • JOy STick T

        thanks usama bai u r ma hero……….i successfully flashed new rom….and rooted my sm-t111 through TWRP recovery by unchecking auto reboot(thanks for clearing ma confusions) i can access to SUPER

        thanks once again……….
        for everyone who failed to root (in TWRP) guys need to uncheck auto reboot in odin.And boot manually to recovery by vol up+home+power….and u will see TWRP menu…and install from it…thats aaalll…chill & cheeeersss……! ……;)

        • @joystickt:disqus that’s great. Stay connected with us 🙂

      • JOy STick T

        thanks usama bai u r ma hero……….i successfully flashed new rom….and rooted my sm-t111 through TWRP recovery by unchecking auto reboot(thanks for clearing ma confusions) i can access to SUPER

        thanks once again……….
        for everyone who failed to root (in TWRP) guys need to uncheck auto reboot in odin.And boot manually to recovery by vol up+home+power….and u will see TWRP menu…and install from it…thats aaalll…chill & cheeeersss……! ……;)

  • JOy STick T

    for everyone who failed to root (in TWRP) guys need to uncheck auto
    reboot in odin.And boot manually to recovery by vol
    up+home+power….and u will see TWRP menu…and install from
    it…thats aaalll…chill & cheeeersss……! ……;)

  • JOy STick T

    for everyone who failed to root (in TWRP) guys need to uncheck auto
    reboot in odin.And boot manually to recovery by vol
    up+home+power….and u will see TWRP menu…and install from
    it…thats aaalll…chill & cheeeersss……! ……;)

  • @disqus_ono35Ki41C:disqus try flashing stock firmware on it in order to fix it.

    • Anil

      I have downloaded a stock firmware of some other region and it looks like an updated one (release date). Will it be okay to flash that instead?
      Another problem is tha while in the recovery mode the screen is not stable. Some lines keep on running.
      My device is sm-t111.
      Thank you for helping me out.

      • @disqus_ono35Ki41C:disqus yes it will work. Go ahead and flash it. Good Luck.

    • Anil

      I downloaded a stock firmware of some other region and it looks like an updated one noticing the release date. So will it be okay to flash that instead? Or will it work if I flash only the stock recovery. And Another problem is that while in the recovery mode screen is unstable. Some lines keeps on running. Why is that so?
      My device is sm-t111
      thank you for helping me.

  • @nizaqat:disqus try turning of signature verification from advanced options in CWM recovery and try again. Let me know if it works or not. Or else, try placing SuperSu file in internal storage and flashing from there.

  • me

    mine stucked at twrp. .pls help

    • @disqus_dl9NQHlibQ:disqus try flashing the file again, but uncheck auto reboot in odin, once the process is done, reboot your device manually into recovery mode.

  • Saksham Tanwar

    In early preparations, there is EFS backup but how can I backup that as my phone is not rooted.

    • @sakshamtanwar:disqus skip that step for now and perform it after you’ve rooted.

  • Evolution Revil

    ty, i try differents methods but this work for me ty very much

  • @markjervinfernandez:disqus you’ve probably flashed some invalid file. Can you please tell me what method you followed? And what is your device model number actually?

  • @markjervinfernandez:disqus flash latest available software on your device and then follow this procedure again.

    • Mark Jervin Fernandez

      sir kindly tell me the procedure for me to flash the latest available software in my device? thank you so much

    • Mark Jervin Fernandez

      @usamamujtaba:disqus sir kindly tell me the procedure for me to flash the latest available software in my device? thank you so much sorry if my msg is spamming. dont know if you have read my reply i will really appreciate it.

  • shaadan

    recovery not instaling???

    • @disqus_iF4dzV68r7:disqus what issue are you facing?

  • @mr_74:disqus try enabling usb debugging and flash the recovery again.

  • @disqus_1gskTqh1Og:disqus if your device is stuck in bootloop, wipe cache and dalvik cache from recovery and see if it works or not. Otherwise flash stock firmware to recover your device.

  • @pramodhrachuri:disqus 1. try wiping cache and dalvik cache from recovery, if its not booting up, simply flash stock firmware to recover.

    • freddybob

      How do you “flash stock firmware”?
      Is that the same as doing a factory reset from within recovery?

        • Gary Mcgee

          Going to root 2 galaxy tab 3 lite sm t110. Ok so far so good all three files were downloaded to my computer..
          Now my question is ..your super root pakage and every ones as well looks to say it marshmallow 6.0 is that correct ..6.0 will be work ..or I’m I just reading it worng
          I’m not going to do anything esle yet
          Thank you for your time

          • @disqus_MYoobJR9wH:disqus Can you please elaborate what you’re exactly pointing towards regarding Android Marshmallow?

          • Gary Mcgee

            Ok yea I realized is is not ..I got both tablets working great ..then today one tablet gets a SU needs to I try ..well now it’s stuck in recovery mode ..and now for some reason I am getting a NO OS INSTALLED warning ..I knew I should have just left it alone I have one kid happy and one kid upset because I can’t fix her tablet do I get 4.2.2 back on her tablet and working again ?

          • @disqus_MYoobJR9wH:disqus just flash stock firmware using this guide:

          • Gary Mcgee

            Thank you so much but now a even bigger problem. .my son thought he knew what he was doing ..and I had no clue he whent to go do this or I would have stopped him in a heart beat. .he flashed the twrp recovery mode to her tablet..I guess he did a complete wipe of the tablet .I don’t know what he did realy ..but he came in to the shower crying telling me her tablet sayes no os installed ..I told him clam down I know thats what going on now …but why did you touch it ..then he said now it just flips from the tecmwin page to this weird funny screen with purpel squares with the tecmwin logo in them this point I’m upset because I knew you would get back to me with a fix i asked him why he did anything ..I didn’t what the twrp recovery. I like the cm one …now when I go to the down load mode it stayes in that mode until I plug into the computer. .then it just switches to this pic …odin dosnt have a change to read the tablet ..I plug into computer it make the sound .then tablet shuts off ,computer makes the ..then back to the pic I sent .
            So to sum up
            1. Son changed the recovery from cm to the twrp
            2. I can trun on in download mode but will not stay when I plug into computer
            3. In recovery mode page changes from the blue tec win screen to the purple screen I sent

            Is her tablet down and out now trash it and get her a new ..or can I fix it ? I handle it if i “broke” her table ..but my wife Is gona upset with me she told me not to root them in the frist place..but I wanted to make the kids happy son’s tablet is running great and hers wad too till I tried to update the su…..
            I would like to thank you for you time on this matter ..and so on


          • Gary Mcgee

            i got cm recovery back on her tablet ..guess it was telling it was dead…also have the the stock firmware down loaded from link 1 .. i downloaded the latest 2016 on for her sm t110..i take it when the tablet cuts on and and stay on one page the batt is dead?.. thats it for to night going to charge it till morning ..and hope i can put the firmware on…
            so dont mind the last post form today i was freaking out because my son was crying and my girl was kinda getting upset she says she was not ..
            i think so far so good not that i got cm recovery back on its behaving like it was …i just hope the battery is dead now.

            again with much gusto thank you for your help much appreciated

          • That’s perfectly fine. Let me know if you need further help. Stay connected with us.

          • Gary Mcgee

            quick ? is the tablet charging .. when i plug it in to wall to charge it truns on in recovery mode ..from there when i use the power off option it will power down only if its not plugged in….is it charging if left in recover and plugged in wall to charge?

          • Yes, if the charger is plugged in even in recovery mode, or when the phone is powered off, the phone is still getting charged.

          • Gary Mcgee

            cool thank you thing now odin 3 v3.12 just sits on file analysis ..the log makes it past checking md5 pass..but as soon as i hit start is just sits there…use a older odin ..or a diffirent stock os zip . i tried the two newest on from link 1
            im bugging i know .. but i really need to fix this if its possible

          • @disqus_MYoobJR9wH:disqus try using Odin 3.0.7 or 3.0.9. Those are available on our site.

          • Gary Mcgee

            boom that did the trick thank you so much ..up and running and updatting everything

    • Bob

      I’m stuck in the bootloop as well, Ive tried wiping the cache & dalvik cache and also the data partition (after backing it up) but no help.

      I’ve reflash TWRP with Odin but still the same bootloop

      I rooted it OK, then the problem started when I used Titanium Backup to try and remove Dropbox using some method that said it was going to reboot the device twice, it booted into TWRP and that is all its done since.

      Have I totally bricked it?

      • @disqus_4Rr0TJiank:disqus if your device isn’t coming out of boot loop, here’s what you can do.
        1. try performing a factory reset.
        2. flash a stock firmware.

        One of the above solutions will fix your device.
        Best of luck.

  • Vamsee Krysz

    great..! 🙂 it works perfectly.. 😉

  • @disqus_SxRgedd6C0:disqus Can you please show a screenshot of the recovery you’re using?

    • ragas

      same problm
      @freddybob# any luck

  • Tejal Pradhan

    i’ve followed all the steps but custom recover isn’t gettng flashed.i still hae the android system recpvery. Tried both CWM and TWRP. i’m on SM-T111 (Note 3 Neo). Odin shows successful btw. Please help!

    • @tejalpradhan:disqus do this.

      untick the auto-reboot option in Odin.
      Now flash the recovery.
      Once recovery is flashed, disconnect your phone and reboot it manually into recovery mode.

      See if recovery is there or not.
      Best of luck.

      • Tejal Pradhan

        Tried that already. It leads to the screen going black. Would have to reboot it to get it started again!

        • @tejalpradhan:disqus Can you give ma screenshot of your Tab’s “About Us” section?

      • Satish Thapa

        worked perfectly !!! thanks a lot for 1 momenti thought the files are not supported but its not the case, cheers mate!!!

  • john

    cannot goto odin mode. it always restart

    sm t111 due to reset after rooting the device

    anyone please help me..

    • @disqus_WE465JEPmT:disqus please use the proper key combination to boot into download mode.

  • Azammuddin Norman

    hello sir. im using the twrp. but i stuck at the odin with the message show ‘setup connection…’

    • @azammuddinnorman:disqus can you please show a screenshot?

  • Dani

    Hey. So i have i galaxy tab 3 lite which i rooted for a few months ago, then i tried to change the build in file so i could play this game who was not compatible for tab 3 lite. After that i have been stuck on the logo, i have tried to fix it, following steps on how to fix build in fail.. But i doenst work. And i didnt install a cwm recovery so i cant reinstall using zip files either. Can anyone help? I tried this also many times, also tried kies and odin but dont work. Link to galaxy tab 3 firmware download, maybe then i can copy to sd card and download update from there? Is it possible that way? Be free to come with suggestions.

    • @disqus_QToNQIvdoN:disqus you will have to flash a stock firmware to fix it, please find the firmware on sammobile’s firmware section and flash it.
      In case Odin isn’t working, then you will have to flash a custom recovery first and then flash the firmware. You can copy the firmware to an external SD card to do this.
      The method listed above will help you for sure. Best of luck.

  • Gary Mcgee

    going to root 2 galaxy tab 3 lite sm t110…so far so good….all 3 files are downloaded to coputer
    now the question i have is ..the root packge download reads…..
    i have shearch the net for a few days and reading up on all this ..i thought i read that this zip is the 6.0 os is that true ..
    im not going to do anything till i hear that yes it is and it will or no its not but it s the zip you need
    thank you for time

    • @disqus_MYoobJR9wH:disqus file is only SuperSU it’s not Android Marshmallow. Android Marshmallow is not available for Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. SuperSU will simply root your phone. It will not change the firmware or anything else.

  • Fariz

    Can’t install the update zip . It says failed to verify whole-file signature . Pls help

  • Fariz

    Same problem here

  • Inder Aujla

    I was not able to flash it but after reading your previous discussions it helped me in flashing but rooting didnt worked then I installed kingroot and worked
    Thanks a lot man
    Thumbs up

  • Hooman Trigger

    Doesn’t work it says failed to verify signed packge in the recovery mode

  • @hoomantrigger:disqus use a latest version of recovery to make it work.

    • Hooman Trigger

      where can I find it ??
      everywhere i download it from it has the same version labelled as the latest

    • Hooman Trigger

      No I had to disable the auto reboot for it to work

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